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florence “creative cities network” preparatory group visited shanghai & florence- sino italian design exchange center

     on sept. 1, florence “creative cities network” preparatory group visited shanghai & florence- sino italian design exchange center constructed by dobe. 

     led by doctor carlo francini in charge of unesco florence office, supported by florence municipal government, universities and art institutions, florence “creative cities network” preparatory group is striving to make florence join unesco “creative cities network” in 2015, so as to further speed up world-famous city florence’s construction of international culture, manage and protect the ancient city’s world cultural heritage better. 

       according to doctor farcini’s introduction, after roman and lucca ‘s successful application for “creative cities”, italy now has 5 seats in unesco “creative cities network”. florence mayor mr. nardella has put great enthusiasm into florence’s construction of a “creative city” since his inauguration. he not only actively lobbied in the city council and cultural circles, facilitated the government’s financial support and boeri team’s participation, but also visited china, america, france, germany and japan to promote florence in person, and made obvious achievements. doctor farcini also attended many creative events held by edinburgh city of literature, kobe city of design, nagoya city of design, bologna city of music, etc. after rounds of field visit and assessment, the preparatory group determined to have “handicrafts” as florence’s theme of application. in this visit, the preparatory group learnt from the center the rich practical experience of shanghai “city of design” in creative construction, in the hope that they could have in-depth cooperation with shanghai in handcrafts, let chinese people feel and learn florence’s handicraft culture in depth through training, tourism and exhibitions.  

     at the meeting, both sides had extensive discussions on topics like world cultural heritage management and operation, handcraft industry’s cooperation and exchanges, international exhibitions of cultural relics and artworks, transnational city promotion, and put forward multiple valuable ideas for cooperation. chinese representatives approved of doctor farcini’s idea, and put forward the idea that “creative cities” are not isolated cities, but a dynamic creative network formed under different themes, against different cultural backgrounds. sino italian design exchange center’s establishment is the best proof. the center’s birth has closely combined shanghai’s design resources with florence’s handicraft traditions, and created many cooperation opportunities for the two cities. as the two sides’ cooperation becomes increasingly close, shanghai “city of design” and florence “city of crafts and folk arts” will advance hand in hand, become the core forces in “creative cities network”.

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