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dobe became a council member of great cypress science and technology innovation center

       on aug. 4, the “assembly for the establishment of great cypress science and technology innovation center council” was held in hongkou district. fudan university’s president xu ningsheng, hongkou district party committee secretary wu qing inaugurated the council together. the assembly announced that fudan university’s president xu ningsheng would be the first council chairman. dobe group was invited to be a council member. 

       great cypress science and technology innovation center council is a “deliberative institution” set up for promoting hongkou district’s technological innovation construction. it focuses on serving enterprises, enhancing enterprises’ innovation ability, facilitating the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements and the flexible flow of technological talents. the council will play its role as the “strategic advisory group” and “think tank” for hongkou district’s technological innovation, unite surrounding universities, scientific research institutions, industrial associations and other organizations, plan all social resources as a whole, to promote hongkou district’s technological innovation undertaking, and take a new road to the integrated development of industry-university-research cooperation, financial capital and popular industries. it’s reported besides dobe, 25 persons in charge of universities and research institutions like fudan university, tongji university, shanghai advanced research institute, chinese academy of sciences, china telecom best tone casermation service co., ltd. were invited to join the first council. 

       as a service supplier for cultural & creative and innovative sci-tech industries, dobe always devotes itself to providing cultural & creative and innovative sci-tech enterprises with all-round services throughout their development. dobe parks have a large group of outstanding cultural & creative and innovative sci-tech enterprises, such as,, and in 2010, officially settled down in dobe sports loft creative park in hongkou district. besides providing office space and basic property services, dobe also actively assists the company to get contact with hongkou district government’s related departments, helps it apply for policy support, to form capital support for the development of according to its reality and characteristics. so far, has become china’s largest sports website with tens of millions of active users. its average daily page view is nearly 100 million. it’s the first choice for chinese sports lovers. mobile hupu iphone client-side app has been no. 1 in app store among sports app for a long term. 

       as a member unit of great cypress science and technology innovation center council, dobe will take advantage of the upsurge in technological innovation, keep cultural & creative and innovative sci-tech enterprises’ development needs in mind, keep optimizing its enterprise services, to provide continuous support for creating outstanding shanghai local cultural & creative and innovative sci-tech brands and constructing shanghai into an innovation center for science and technology. 

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