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masters gathered in sino italian design exchange center for a green future

on june 17, local time in italy, “expo milan 2015 international architectural design exchange tour” reached florence, the city of renaissance, and carried out a “sino italian architects’ symposium” in shanghai & florence- sino italian design exchange center (florence base) constructed by dobe.

the exchange tour was initiated by vanke star business way hand in hand with expo milan 2015, china corporate united pavilion, vanke pavilion, shanghai consulate in italy, shanghai & florence- sino italian design exchange center, chamber of commerce of milan, italy, citic international travel agency, sino-italian design foundation, milan art & events center, sino-italian chamber of commerce, ministry of urban construction planning of italy. the delegation is made up of more than 60 leaders in architectural design industry from italy, chinese mainland, hong kong, macau, taiwan and other places. during the 10-day tour, the delegation will admire the glorious architectural achievements of italy, stick to the expo theme, and discuss with many famous italian architectural firms the possibility of green and sustainable urban development.  

at the symposium, dormentoni, city councilman of florence and chairman of the 4th region, ms. tradati, one of the designers of italy pavilion for expo milan, mr. polazzi, chief designer of archea associati, fedelegno association, progetto cmr and other over 30 representatives from italian architectural industry, had deep exchanges with zheng shiling, academician of chinese academy of sciences, mr. hua lichong, vice general manager of shanghai vanke real estate, prof. zhu xiaofeng from the college of architecture and urban planning of tongji university, zhang hongru, vice president of shanghai research institute of building sciences, and other leading figures in the industry. they each expressed their opinions on energy-saving buildings, sustainable urban development, green buildings and design, the maintenance and renovation of ancient buildings, and shared their understanding of and thinking about the above subjects through classic cases and practice experience. from the architectural thoughts containing oriental philosophy to the advanced design concepts from the west, both sides design expressions of architecture, energy and environment led to the same destination, making all the guests present feet the international language of architecture carries the world’s people’s good expectation for life and the future. the rise of green buildings all over the world to a large extent reflects people’s more rational exploration of architectural science and technology in this age. 

this event aims to introduce outstanding chinese enterprises to the world, let chinese entrepreneurs “go out”, foreign enterprises and entrepreneurs “come in”. under the state’s strategic framework, it aims to build a platform for peace, communication, understanding, tolerance, cooperation, and win-win results in the international stage, to let chinese and italian enterprises have boundary-less and border-less exchange and cooperation, and produce infinite possibilities.  

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