leaders from the executive office of the ministry of science and technology visited dobe-ag8网址

leaders from the executive office of the ministry of science and technology visited dobe

on april 16, a party of 13 led by liu yuxin, deputy inspector of the executive office of the ministry of science and technology visited dobe, and had an investigation on dobe’s work and achievements in cultural and creative industry park operation, value-added service, startup service and other aspects. 

the investigation team inquired in detail about dobe’s development course from 1 to 31 cultural and creative industry parks, and looked into the “dobe pattern” that integrates park investment, design, construction, business attracting, operation, platform integrated innovative services into one and the startup services of dobe in an all-round and in-depth way.

in 2015, dobe introduced founder entrepreneurial community to provide entrepreneurs with flexible workplaces and all-round startup services. according to a detail introduction made by founder entrepreneurial community’s founder wan lijiang, based on communities, founder entrepreneurial community builds a systematic environment, in which entrepreneurs who have dreams, courage, persistence, and the desire to huddle can start businesses without worry, work whenever and wherever possible, and communities can have cooperation. meanwhile, it provides entrepreneurs with registration, legal, financial, synergetic office and other supporting services, hires founders of leading enterprises in each industry to provide entrepreneurs with tutor services, to discover outstanding enterprises and carry our angel investment. dobe join hands with founder entrepreneurial community, to build an ecological incubation environment for entrepreneurs. there are not just offices. here, entrepreneur teams can graft each other’s resources, get all-round help. entrepreneurs with dreams can realize their dreams. 

liu yuxing pointed out that the state laid stress on innovation and starting new businesses. hand in hand with founder entrepreneurial community, dobe built a flexible and diversified entrepreneurial eco-environment, which has a positive meaning to the industry’s development. the experience is worth learning and popularizing. he hopes dobe can make persistent efforts, to create incubation conditions for more founders with dreams, support startups, and lead the development of china’s cultural and creative industry.

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