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congratulations on the official establishment of shanghai water molecule public foundation

encouraged and supported by the publicity department of shanghai municipal party committee and shanghai civil affairs bureau, under the guidance of shanghai administration bureau of ngos, with the help of shanghai xie jin movie art foundation, invested by shanghai dobe cultural & creative industry development (group) co., ltd., the first and the only non-public foundation developed from a community private non-enterprise public welfare organization in shanghai at present——shanghai water molecule public foundation was officially established. 

at the end of jan. 2015, shanghai water molecule public foundation’s establishment ceremony and the 1st council conference was held in cuide hall of dobe e-manor of changning. 15 people including section chief wang zhengmin from shanghai administration bureau of ngos, du jianying from shanghai wealove angel fund, yicai business’ general manager an youying, water molecule public foundation’s council president li yanling and council members attended this ceremony. water molecule public foundation’s secretary general su rong presided over the ceremony. 

water molecule public foundation is a non-profit public welfare charitable organization that aims to mobilize social forces to develop cultural public welfare, benefit mankind and realize harmonious social development. the foundation’s main work is to undertake social responsibilities, repay the country and society by offering financial aids to cultural undertakings, domestic and overseas cultural cooperation, employment programs, and poor students under the guidance of national policies and relevant government departments. 

water molecule public foundation’s charitable idea is to completely understand public welfare undertakings, focus on culture and education, pay attention to social vulnerable groups, and build platforms for social organizations, public welfare organizations and beneficiaries. this ecological and sustainable development idea advocates “simple gestures, easy social benefits”, and let everyone take part in public charity happily.

water molecule public foundation developed from the water molecule loving voluntary service society set up with the support of huayang sub-district, changning district, shanghai. its “guardian angel plan” is a charitable public welfare action that focuses on teenagers’ education, especially preschool, primary school and junior high school education. it works with fujian “sunmen student welfare” and zhejiang university’s teaching-assistance team, to donate to poor primary school and junior high school students in the mountain areas of northern fujian province and sichuan province by donating money, stationeries, extracurricular books, clothes directly to the mountain areas and facing every child directly. it also holds reading performances, carries out sunshine psychological counseling and other activities. since it was launched in 2010, “guardian angel plan” has helped over 300 poor students (primary school and junior high school) in the mountain areas of northern fujian province. among them, about 20 students excellent in character and learning successfully entered local key high schools. it has donated over 1 million yuan for poor students. the stationary, extracurricular books, clothes and volunteer services provided by “guardian angel plan” have reached about rmb 1 million yuan. the total donation is about rmb 2 million yuan.

particles of sand accumulated will form a towering pile. bits of fur from the axillae of many foxes taken together will make a robe. we hope the establishment of water molecule public foundation can provide kindhearted people and enterprises with a chance to take part in charitable public welfare undertakings. let’s join hands to contribute our strength to china’s charity culture!

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