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dobe sports loft “create the future” christmas carnival

——dobe and senfu robot education institute held a christmas benefit activity

on dec. 21st, there was a hubbub in dobe sports loft creative park. an entirely new “create the future” christmas carnival was held here. hand in hand, dobe and the park’s enterprise senfu robot education institute provided the park’s 35 white-collar families with a brilliant extracurricular practice.  

this activity attracted everyone’s attention once it was launched. on the day of the activity, the number of participating families doubled the number of families that signed up for the activity. parents and children arrived at the site early. they had parent-child interactive activities under the instructions of senfu robot education institute’s teachers. from the lectures, interactive activities, quiz show, to the prize presentation, children’s innocent laughter could be heard in every part of the activity. due to the warm responses, the activity became more exciting and the interactive time was prolonged. the children’s smiles made this winter day especially warm. 

the parents and children finished the content of the four parts doing, learning, enjoying, and thinking together, which let the children learn through entertainment in a delightful atmosphere full of creative inspirations. in the “doing” part, the parents and children built deer, carriages, diy christmas cards together, to explore the space of creation. in the “learning” part, they learnt great technologies in life and unveiled the mysteries of robots. in the “enjoying” part’s quiz show, they won lucky gifts. in the “thinking” part, they strengthened their teamwork awareness, actively solved problems, and used their knowledge in practice. at the end of the activity, every child got a christmas cake prepared by “louxia 100”.

this activity brought happiness to the children through an interesting form, and planted the seed of science and technology in their hearts. it’s reported that dobe will further carry out more similar activities with the enterprises in its parks and normalize the activities, to provide the parks’ enterprises with a display platform and let the parks’ white-collar workers share the wealth and benefits. 

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