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a benefit from dobe, free manicure service

——free service of helijia manicure in dobe parks

recently, hand in hand with helijia, dobe successively carried out free manicure service activities in 8 dobe parks, including dobe e-manor of changning, dobe e-manor of daning, and dobe e-manor of hongqiao. during the short 2 weeks, dobe invited 150 manicurists in total to provide service and benefited 585 white-collar workers in the parks. 

the activity was “set out” in the first stops dobe e-manor of changning and dobe e-manor of xuhui at the same time. the activity forecast delivered a week in advance made many white-collar workers in the parks full of expectations for the activity. before the activity started, everyone itched to try. white-collar workers rushed to enjoy manicure service the moment helijia’s manicurists finished preparations. the site was full of people. there were too many people waited in lines. as a result, to meet all white-collar workers’ manicure needs, all the manicurists worked overtime. many gentlemen at the scene also bravely tried the first trip of manicure in their lives. pretty nails brought a good mood. even men cannot hold back the impulse! 

warm responses at the activity’s first stops made dobe and helijia service team’s service enthusiasm run high steadily. they gradually increased the times and stops of manicure service, in order to let more white-collar workers of the parks experience this free service. 

this activity was planned and carried out by dobe group’s service center for innovation. through this activity, dobe sent practical benefits to every white-collar worker in the parks. it’s reported that dobe will further carry out more similar activities with quality partners and normalize the activities, to benefit more white-collar workers in the parks. 

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