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dobe group’s distinguished counselor boeri won 2014 ihp


on nov. 19th of local time, the results of 2014 ihp were announced in frankfurt, germany. vertical forest project designed by boeri studio of italy won this award. famous designer stefano boeri accepted the award in saint paul's cathedral, frankfurt.



since 2004, frankfurt city has awarded ihp biennially. this award is also called the “oscar in architecture circles”. the main standard for winning this award is the building should have outstanding performance in sustainability, appearance, interior decoration quality and social influence, and create an advanced design concept. the appraisal and selection were organized by deutsches architekturmuseum frankfurt and deka bank.


in the appraisal and selection of ihp this year, the outstanding performance of “vertical forest” in multiple aspects convinced the jury: on the basis of simple rectangle, vertical forest designed two green high-rise residential buildings of different heights; each apartment has at least one balcony similar to a small garden or woods; the outer walls are covered by hundreds of trees and countless shrubs. the plants not only guarantee a natural climate for the apartments, but also create excellent residential conditions.


at present, the “vertical forest” project in milan has been completed. the project’s first flagship exhibition room in china also has settled in dobe e-manor of changning and started its first overseas display. meanwhile, dobe group has invited mr. boeri to be its distinguished counselor to design dobe’s the bund project personally. the project will officially be launched next year.


 after accepting 2014 ihp, boeri said: “i’m very glad. this is an encouragement and praise for innovative buildings. it makes us look forward to the future of green buildings, not just limited to the expression of architectural style.”


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