trans-boundary integration-cultural and creative industry’s magnates gathered at shanghai international forum of creative industries


on oct. 16th, the 11th shanghai international forum of creative industries sponsored by dobe was held in pugongying conference center, dobe e-manor of daning. over 300 people, including experts and scholars from chinese and overseas cultural and creative industries, representatives of construction and management units of creative industrial parks, related government departments and media reporters attended the forum, and had exchanges and discussions around the theme “trans-boundary integration: creating upgraded version of creative industrial parks”. 

the forum invited domestic and overseas famous experts, scholars, and representatives of leading enterprises to state their opinions and ideas about the historical experience, development tendency and pattern innovation of chinese cultural and creative industrial park construction, the sustainable development strategy of combining cultural and creative industrial parks with digital technology, casermation technology and other new technologies, how to amplify openness and enhance integration in cultural and creative industrial parks’ service platform and carrier construction, and how to integrate cultural and creative industrial park planning and construction with tourism resource development and tourism development.



shanghai creative industry association’s executive president wang ronghua said in his speech that the state had great hope for promoting the integrated development of cultural, creative, design service and related industries, and giving play to cultural and creative industry’s important role in the transformation and development of national economy, and raised it as a major realistic strategic task in front of us.

at the forum, dobe group’s president jia bo summarized the innovative ideas of dobe, and shared dobe group’ experience in cultural and creative industrial park construction, i.e., the development from physical parks to physical and virtual parks, from the development based on local resources to the development that integrates domestic and overseas resources, from providing physical space to providing enterprises with more value-added services, from selecting and cultivating tenants to higher value-added services. 

in jia bo’s opinion, in an age of globalization, any new pattern will be more and more commercialized and professionalized soon, and thus gradually depreciate in market competition; what dobe needs to do is to keep making innovation. 


during the brief several hours, using their rich experience, wise insight and wisdom of operation, the guests contributed many excellent speeches for the forum, and gave future forums better connectivity. the forum also will become an innovation platform for shanghai cultural and creative industrial parks to have exchanges and communication.


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