workshop about “solving potential legal risks of the company” by dobe-ag8网址

workshop about “solving potential legal risks of the company” by dobe

on september 10, the workshop about “solving potential legal risks of the company” was held by dobe. wang xu, senior lawyer from huiye law firm was invited by dobe cultural & creative enterprise service center. he started from the cases in daily life and share some legal knowledge that the companies are often involved in so as to improve people's awareness of law.

at the workshop, wang described three categories of legal risks and also vividly share the necessary legal knowledge by referring to the real experience and cases. the sharing of some typical cases led to the strong response and active discussions by the participants. wang's explanation helped them with the legal problems often encountered in the routine operation.

after the completion of the workshop, a wechat group talk was set up by the center for the purpose of a platform of long-term exchanges. people may directly communicate in the group and seek for professional ideas from the lawyers.

dobe has always been aiming at the assistance to china's creativity industry. by following the principle of “there are more solutions than difficulties”, dobe provide seven specific value-added services in response to different demands of the enterprises. the service of basic legal service is an important part of the seven value-add services. by cooperating with the legal outsourcing companies, dobe helps the enterprises in the manor with legal issues and also offer relevant assistance. in the future, the continuous growth of the seven value-added services will benefit more enterprises.

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