dobe held the hr session of “finding way out for hr issues of medium-ag8网址

dobe held the hr session of “finding way out for hr issues of medium-small enterprises”

on july 30, a hr session of “finding way out for hr issues of medium-small enterprises” was held at cuide hall of changning dobe e-manor, attracting representatives from more than 30 enterprises. the session was held by dobe cultural & creative enterprise service center, aiming at offering solutions and methods for hr issued confronted by the medium-small enterprises and figuring out “human” problems.

boasting a multi-industry hr management experience of more than twenty years, hao jixiang, hr & product director of globalmaster, was invited to the session. he tried to analyze and solve the practical problems together with the participants via case sharing. hao pointed out: the lack of professional hr management staffs constitutes the core problem for hr management in medium-small enterprises, and they can not focus on the resources of strategic talents due to their stay at the level of hr management. in addition to the core problem, hao gave the solutions: give the specialized issues to the professional people and organizations in the manner of hr outsourcing.

during the session, hao had the interactions with yicai business, anhao enterprise investment consultancy, longshe commerce & trade, paisenge communication and 3dpro and other enterprises of different types and fields, and help them with the practical problems in the hr management of the enterprises. it's reported that dobe cultural & creative enterprise service center will look for hr partners and solve hr problems for enterprises.

dobe is and will be taking the development of cultural & creative enterprises as the core objective and regarding the talents as the top priority for the development of cultural and creative enterprises. talent service is one important part of dobe’s seven value-added services. the center will further learn about the demands of enterprises in the manor so as to provide the specific individualized services. in the future, more enterprises will gain benefits from the increasing development of dobe’s seven value-add services.

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