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“septimal positioning” fighting workout by dobe & wmtad

a “septimal positioning” fighting workout was held in multi-functional conference hall of hongqiao dobe e-manor at 7:00 pm on july 9, 2014. jointly held by dobe cultural & creative enterprise service center and wmtad, it aimed to provide the clients in the manor with a workable means in their seeking for the brand orientation as well as the market orientation.

the discussions in enterprise wechat group chat enabled the members of dobe cultural & creative enterprise service center to learn that the clients are mostly confused about their orientation during the transformation from the traditional enterprises, and they are also puzzled at the brand building during the transition from product to brand. therefore, dobe cultural & creative enterprise service center worked with wmtad and planned this activity. more than 104 people of the management and staffs from different industries signed up for the workout online.

it was an honor to have shen yi, president of wmtad to give the lecture. according to his years of experience in the ad industry as well as his unique thought, he concluded the market orientation into seven, namely “septimal positioning”: (1) orientation by category (2) orientation by analogy (3) orientation by usp (4) orientation by grade (5) orientation by culture (6) orientation by scene (7) orientation by consumer. the field demonstration as well as the real-time exchanges on wechat group were available, and the lecturer asked questions via wechat and the participants replied instantaneously. in this interactive mode, every one was engaged in the in-depth communications; particularly, the participants solved all practical problems by using the principles as well as training. after the completion of the session, the participants were still active in the discussions in wechat group. yisu culture, yirui media, ruixiang and other representatives of the companies in the manor believed that they gained a lot from the workout and look forward to more activities in the future.

dobe cultural & creative enterprise service center will plan the trainings or workouts for enterprises in the manor in the future so as to timely supplement necessary knowledge and tools. it not only constitutes an extension to dobe services, but also a means to help the enterprises solve the practical problems.

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