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dobe group president jia bo was honored as “one of the 3rd group of leading talents of changning district”

on june 3rd, 2014 changning district talent promotion conference & leading top-notch talents commendation conference was grandly held. to commend advanced talents, respect the good atmosphere for creation, and encourage talents to show themselves, the conference commended excellent talents who made outstanding contributions to changning district’s innovation-driven development and economic transformation and upgrading. dobe group president jia bo was awarded the title “one of the 3rd group of leading talents of changning district”. 

it’s reported that by commending and encouraging excellent talents, this conference aimed to create a good environment that gives birth to talented people, and to provide sustainable and rapid economic and social development with a firm talent guarantee and intellectual support. general manager of uni-president china holdings, hou ronglong, vice president of spring airlines, wang yu, r&d director of bosch (china), zheng haibo, and other remarkable talents won this honor with mr. jia.

so far, dobe has set up quite a few parks in changning district, including dobe e-manor of changning, dobe f525 art forest, dobe e-manor of tianshan, dobe e-manor of zhaohua, yuyuan mansion 1890. meanwhile, dobe water molecule public foundation also actively carries out community public-benefiting activities in changning district, such as providing poverty-stricken students with financial support, regularly organizing volunteers to “send vegetables to the aged”, helping the community’s poverty-stricken families to improve their living environment, etc. dobe water molecule public foundation takes the community’s harmonious development as its own responsibility, and does its best for the community’s common prosperity. dobe president jia bo always stresses: “dobe’s development got strong support from the local government. as a corporate citizen, dobe should fulfill its social responsibility while developing as an enterprise with the sense of social responsibility. this is the invariable vision of dobe, and the motive power for dobe’s sustainable development.”

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