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shangtex signed a cooperation agreement with dobe group


a few days ago, shangtex fashion company, the aircraft carrier in chinese fashion industry and the operator of shanghai 1/7 creative park, signed a strategic cooperation agreement for international exchanges with dobe group, the professional operator of creative parks, to integrate resources and seek common development. this cooperation is bound to inject new energy into the development of shanghai’s creative parks and cultural and creative enterprises.


shangtex is the origin of the prosperity of shanghai’s textile, the base industry of the city. now, it is incubating an original force in domestic fashion industry. it owns four major park brands, including a total of 13 parks, such as shanghai’s first creative park m50, fashion-leading high street loft and growing shanghai international design exchange center, shanghai international fashion center and so on. specifically, six of them are listed as shanghai’s cultural industrial parks (a total of 50 of them in shanghai), 11 of them are awarded the title of shanghai’s creative industry gathering zones (a total of 92 of them in shanghai).


and dobe group has begun to operate creative parks since 2006. as china's leading professional service providers for cultural and creative industries, dobe not only provides comfort, eco-friendly and personalized high-quality office environment to the cultural and creative companies, but also offers seven types of value-added services innovatively to bring high-quality micro-ecological entrepreneurial environment to cultural and creative companies to facilitate their sustainable development. in the last year, dobee-manor won the “dragon award best park in china’s creative industry”, which is the only award in china’s creative industries and the most influential national award for public benefit projects.


dobe’s president jia bo said that the cooperation was a rare opportunity for dobe to learn from shangtex which had abundant resources and adequate practical experience in the management and operation of creative parks. he hoped dobe could expand some new models and bring new ideas for park operation.


it is known that this cooperation will be carried out in park development, management and operation, platform cooperation and other fields and that the two parties will exchange and communicate widely in construction, property management, marketing, branding, finance, supervision, public relations and other aspects. and in some special issues, the two parties will carry out in-depth discussion and send employees to learn from each other.



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