vice-chairman of cppcc – li wuwei visited dobe e-manor


on the morning of january 4, 2013, the vice-chairman of cppcc and the chairman of shanghai creative industry association – li wuwei visited dobe e-manor and attended the 2013 first council enlarged session of shanghai creative industry association held in cuide hall. this is also another time for chairman li came to dobe park following the visiting of loft creative base last year. the vice-chairman of the 10th shanghai political consultative congress and the executive chairman of shanghai creative industry association – wang ronghua, the standing vice-chairman of shanghai creative industry association – sun fuliang and other leaders were present at the session. the president of dobe, jia bo, received these distinguished guests warmly and accompanied them to visit the garden platform of great chinese traditional cultural characteristics surrounded by verdant bamboo and located on the 9th floor of e-manor. chairman li enjoyed every tree and bush in the platform interestedly and revealed heartfelt love of the bounced rabbit family.


at the following 2013 first council enlarged session of shanghai creative industry association, the president of dobe – jia bo, as the vice-chairman of the association and dobe also as the directing unit of the association’s new media professional committee, made the report with the theme of support originality of china to explain how dobe will provide a interactive and mutually trustful superior ecological environment from three aspects of park, activity and cooperation.


after listening to the work statements of each professional committee and the association, chairman li expressed affirmation and gratitude to the hard work of the colleague in the association. meanwhile, he indicated that the cultural & creative industry would play a decisive role in the future national economy with its broad prospect. shanghai, as the area of china with the most advanced development of cultural & creative industry, shall promote the integration of yangtze river delta and expand its influence with full strength and active foreign cooperation.



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