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delegation of european tourism real estate visited dobe park


       on october 17, 2012, dobe welcomed the investigation of three representatives from the biggest european tourism real estate group, including francesco de pasquale - the board chairman of super partes, su xia – the asia-pacific general manager of super partes, and claudio cardini – the strategy director of ecvacanze group. the president of debo, jia bo, led the person-in-charge of investment department and design department to receive those foreign guests warmly and displayed the accomplishments of shanghai in the field of creative industry to them.

        super partes has more than 30 companies in europe, including youth hotel and vacation villas. they said, “we will offer the lowest price for friends from shanghai to italy and meet various requirements on the exchange and training among students, entrepreneurs and governments at the same time.”

         during the successive visit of dobe h525 and e-manor of changning, the delegation kept singing praises on the cultural & creative enterprises of highly distinctive features in the parks and the design style of dobe “525 series” and “e-manor series”. with special appreciation for the ecological environment of the garden platform on the 9th floor of the changning e-manor, they expressed strong admiration and recognition of the clever use of bamboo element, environmental-friendly table and chair made of wood scraps and the harmonious integration of the rabbit family.

        after visiting, francesco de pasquale and su xia - the board chairman and asia-pacific general manager of super partes respectively, communicated with mr. jia sufficiently with in-depth exchange of view on strategy, investment, business and other respects.


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