president of shanghai services federation zhou yupeng came to e-ag8网址

president of shanghai services federation zhou yupeng came to e-manor ?xuhui for inspecting


        on may 11, zhou yupeng, the president of shanghai services federation and his party came to e-manor ?xuhui guided the work; after visiting, the president zhou stated that dobe cooperated with entrepreneur community to build e-manor?xuhui to be the mobile internet industry gathered highland of shanghai, even the whole country, and to be the demonstration park of integrated technology for mobile internet, cloud computing, internet of things etc.

        e-manor?xuhui is the second project of e-manor series under dobe, after the releasing of e-manor?zhongshan park, locating at lane 345, shilong road, xuhui district, which owns park area of 30,000 m2, adopting the design basis of “e-manor series”; through the scene changes of platform, bridge, winding path and bamboo grove, e-manor?xuhui creates the unified space of body, mind and soul based on the originality.

        this project is positioned as new media industrial park, for the future deep cooperation with entrepreneur community, e-manor?xuhui will be n0.1 incubation base of entrepreneur community. according to the introduction of li yi, the co-founder and executive president of entrepreneur community, “entrepreneur community” is a public welfare pioneering guidance platform, which is different from the functional incubator, where the entrepreneurs can find the senior insiders to share their ideas, meanwhile, find their own sense of belonging during the communication with other entrepreneurs. this organizationfocuses on  not only serving the internet entrepreneurs, but also promoting the casermatization upgrade of traditional service industry with the help of technologies such as internet and internet of things etc., and providing further targeted support services for the resources docking, technical support and finance counseling etc., for the entrepreneurs. 

        it is known as the project of e-manor?xuhui will be completed at the end of this month, which starts to attract investment at present.

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