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news perspective: cultural industry shows new ground



today, 37 parks of the second group of shanghai cultural industrial park were formally granted licenses. compared with the first group of shanghai cultural industrial park two years ago, the number of the parks granted licenses is doubled, and the functional orientation is more specific, and the most crucial is that the cultural industrial parks are no longer satisfied with the role of the "mesne landlord”, but to further blend into the development of enterprises.
      bamboo grove trails, coffee house, hanging fishpond, and 5 meters high interior space all make here looks like a recreational and leisure club, but in fact it’s a cultural industrial park. located near the zhongshan park, dobe e-manor is one of the parks of the second group of shanghai cultural industrial park. many creative enterprises are settled here, including, and lagardere (the world's largest airport bookstore operator), etc. the reporter learned that the settlement of these enterprises in dobe e-manor is not just because of the unique environment of the park, but the fancy of the value-added services the park provided. wan lijiang, vice president of dobe said: "in the past, enterprises may just need a financial accounting service, but after the great development of enterprises, they may need financial promotion service, financing assistance service, tax planning service based on their financial situation, and comprehensive financial management improvement service, all these are services of a higher level.” with the great development of cultural and creative industry in recent years, the original park operating model of only acting as "mesne landlord" no longer meets the need of enterprises settled. in order to further participate in the development of enterprises, now a lot of cultural industrial parks have enhanced their service function. under this circumstance, e-manor has launched seven value-added services such as investment and financing, financial consulting, creative industry ceo club and so on. gao hui, founder of shanghai w-zenith trade co, ltd., said: "ceo club enables us to meet a lot of entrepreneurs with common aspiration. we all have the same goals and dreams, so we can make more sparks together.” lv yanmin of musi pr planning co, ltd. said: "value-added services can enable enterprises to promote professional services for those enterprises in need of it, so as to promote cooperation intention among enterprises.” ”
       the existence of cultural industrial parks is to enable the cultural enterprises inside to form a cultural industrial chain integrating production, distribution and consumption, enhance the incubation effect, and improve the overall radiometric force, which proposed a higher demand for the service function and service level of the industrial parks. the existing 52 cultural industrial parks should win not only in quantity, but also to boom in functions, providing better service for cultural enterprises and driving the forward development of shanghai cultural and creative industry.



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