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delegate of unesco visiting dobe


oct. 26, the secretary-general delegate of unesco organization strategy developmen and the unesco creative city - graz creative centre (austria) director fiuza paid a visit to dobe and held a talk with the dobe vive-president wang lijiang.


ms.mehri madarshahi and mr. fiuza first paid a visit to the e-manor to which they both couldn’t help expressing their admiration for the well-designed comfortable natural environment and continuingly said “fantastic”.




       upon the completion of the introduction stage, they both expressed great interests to the development mode of the whole flow of dobe and the seven value-added services. they said, even in the europe there is no company possessing such a mode, not to mention the pertinence and systematicness of the creativity services. dobe has found its own way.


       ms. mehri madarshahi , who also assumes the president of “inter-civilization dialogue music association”, expressed her wish to establish an office in shanghai to cooperate with dobe in all fields through musical and cultural conversation. mr. fiuza also said, he would be glad to cooperate with dobe to construct a platform for the austrian enterprises into the chinese market.


         in response, vice-president wang lijiang put that, dobe will cooperate with the austrian enterprises in a similar mode of the italy centre under construction at the moment to provide services like office address, registration, legal consultancy, enterprises communication & connection etc. to boost the cooperation and development of the creative industries both in china and austria.


         the visit was under the invitation of the shanghai municipal commission of economy and casermation committee for the 2011 shanghai international creativity industry week. they presented in the opening ceremony and gave addresses that night. and in the coming one week, they will be jointly by the dobe president jia bo to deliver speech and attend the summit conference.

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