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shanghai spiritual civilization construction committee office’s director visits dobe e-manor of daning’s party-masses service station, 15 service stations create the park’s wehome


on march 8, pan min, deputy head of the publicity department of shanghai municipal party committee and director of shanghai spiritual civilization construction committee, visited dobe e-manor of daning with his retinue. the visitors walked into the park’s “gathering at dobe” party-masses service station to investigate white-collar workers’ self-cultivation.


dobe e-manor of daning is nearly 50,000㎡, dominated by enterprises in e-commerce services. now, there are 105 enterprises and more than 2,000 employees, 90% of them are young white-collar workers. the park mainly serves new economic organizations and new social organizations, focuses on white-collar workers’ needs and enterprises’ development. gathering excellent talents, quality services and quality environments, the park has launched 15 service stations. “gathering at dobe” party-masses service station has rich activities, not only covering t-shirt graffiti, leather handcrafts, constellation embroidery, but also including six self-cultivation programs, music, fitness, reading….making young energetic white-collar workers who pursue fashion reluctant to go home every day.

during the tour, mr. pan and other visitors visited the roof farm and the white-collar library at the park’s wehome community service center.

the park’s “bookshelf for picking shells from the sea” is a demonstration library in jing’an district’s more reading project and a demonstration library chosen by all-china federation of trade unions. young people have a high requirement on the refresh rate of books. the subdistrict and park consolidate the strength of all sectors to collect books. apart from the park team’s support, the subdistrict’s more reading project replaces and delivers books regularly. a white-collar worker in the park said: “the environment here is beautiful and comfortable. i like to sit here at noon, reading. the books here also can be borrowed and taken out.”


more reading project’s demonstration site at the park’s wehome community service center


the roof farm is a highlight among the park’s public benefiting activities. here, vegetable fields can be claimed. the employees give their organic vegetables to the elderly, disadvantaged groups and old returned overseas chinese in the community, to break the barriers between the park and the community and contribute to the linkage between the park and the community. white-collar volunteers have entered the community and blended into daning.

mr. pan carefully listened to the detailed description of the work by “gathering at dobe” party-masses service station and appreciated the subdistrict and park’s work for civilization construction. he pointed out we should continue to carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, do a good job in the citizens and white-collar workers’ self-cultivation, to spread the "heart of seven colors" to every corner of daning.


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