zhou haiying, deputy head of jing’an district of shanghai, visits dobe e-ag8网址

zhou haiying, deputy head of jing’an district of shanghai, visits dobe e-manor of daning


on jan. 24, zhou haiying, deputy head of jing’an district of shanghai, and his retinue visited dobe e-manor of daning to investigate the park and enterprises’ operation.


the park’s person in charge guided mr. zhou and his retinue around the park, introduced dobe group’s development strategy, the operation of dobe e-manor of daning, the general situation of enterprises in the park, and the party building work carried out in cooperation with daning road subdistrict office. mr. zhou and his retinue walked into the community center wehome, the gym shared by white collars, the park’s enterprises colored-stone.com.cn and per (shanghai) industrial design consultants co., ltd. mr. zhou praised the two companies’ spirit of craftsmen and spirit of innovation.



then, mr. zhou and his retinue came to the wehome conference center for the colloquium of parks on the investigation of jing’an district’s enterprises. at the colloquium, representatives from various parks in jing’an district exchanged opinions with representatives from jing’an district’s relevant government departments about their problems in park operation. the park’s person in charge put forward his opinions about strengthening business support policy publicity to enhance accuracy and building platforms for small and micro businesses’ survival, discussed with other attendees about the new models of government support for parks to select and incubate enterprises.


after listening carefully to the parks and enterprises’ appeals, mr. zhou stressed at the colloquium: enterprises in local parks should regard “internationalization, branding, professionalism” as their orientations; the government will concentrate its efforts on solving development problems for enterprises in local parks, build more perfect and smoother communication platforms to support the development of jing’an district’s parks and enterprises in those parks. at the colloquium, mr. zhou applauded dobe group’s concept of “smart circles”, appreciated the facilities and member value-added services provided by dobe e-manor of daning. mr. zhou hoped the park could do better in selecting and incubating enterprises, establish cooperation with daning road subdistrict’s party and masses service station platform, serve the park’s white collars and enterprises in depth. dobe e-manor of daning has witnessed jing’an district’s development. in the future, it will continue to make efforts for constructing an “international jing’an and land of promise”.


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