dobe group’s new work in 2018, dobe we” international hub @ longtan appears in dongcheng district, beijing-ag8网址

dobe group’s new work in 2018, dobe we” international hub @ longtan appears in dongcheng district, beijing


in response to dongcheng district’s trend toward developing a culture-finance cooperation demonstration zone, dobe we” international hub @ longtan project will be unveiled


in recent years, aiming to lead the cultural/creative industry’s intensive development by innovation, dongcheng district of beijing has further implemented the “strong cultural district” strategy. in the first 3 quarters of 2017, dongcheng district’s cultural/creative industry has realized added value of 22.625 billion yuan, up 8.1% year on year; its financial industry realized added value of 37.93 billion yuan, up 6.5% year on year; the cultural/creative industry and the financial industry accounted for 48% of the district’s gdp, becoming pillar industries in dongcheng district’s economic development. the “culture ” new model of industrial development, like mushrooms after rain, is ready to flourish and looking for fertile soil.


at the beginning of the new year, dongcheng district government announced the further implementation of the “opinions about deepening culture-finance cooperation”, started the national culture-finance cooperation demonstration zone project. in response to dongcheng district’s trend toward constructing a culture-finance cooperation demonstration zone, to gradually build dongcheng district’s cultural/creative industry cluster, taking advantage of the right place, right time and right people, dobe group launched its new work in 2018 -- dobe we” international hub @ longtan in beijing. according to the plan, the place is expected to be a new landmark in dongcheng district, integrating cultural and financial services.



italy’s living national treasure architect boeri creates a new concept of urban cultural and living space


dobe we” international hub @ longtan formerly was beijing kinescope general factory, which was one of the key kinescope factories in china. from 1966, the factory began to produce products for peony, panda and other famous tv brands. some of its products were sold abroad. in 2016, as non-capital functions were removed from beijing, required by the development of the city’s functions, the place’s original business was in urgent need of an update and release. on the premise that the electronic industry’s cultural heritage is protected, the original industrial premises were redefined, redesigned and renovated, bringing a creative understanding of architecture and lifestyle.


dobe we” international hub @ longtan may become a model of successful transformation for the electronic industrial civilization. history and reality, industry and art communicate and dialogue here; cultural exchanges and unique creative activities mount the stage here. the organic combination of contemporary art, the architectural space, the cultural industry, the historical context and the urban living environment shows their charm and vitality. this also is dobe group’s corporate vision. dobe hopes to let more cultural/creative enterprises thrive in the forest of dobe.


the total area of dobe we” international hub @ longtan is 10,000㎡. it’s designed by italy’s living national treasure architect and the creator of vertical forest, mr. boeri. traditional chinese courtyard architecture and italian mediterranean design are integrated perfectly. in the future, there will be mottled brick walls, well-spaced factory buildings, crisscrossed pipes; there will be world-famous art spaces, trendy individualized showrooms, “one town, one product” innovation incubators; here, you will see creative office spaces created by glass walls, soho art clusters and a loft lifestyle. the 5.5m indoor loft structure’s tall space is a huge advantage on traditional office spaces in office buildings. the huge width, tall stretched space, as well as the height enough for a loft give white collars the physical space for free creation at work.


at the same time, dobe we” international hub @ longtan has a geographical advantage. the park is close to major commercial centers such as the new world shopping mall and glory mall, adjacent to the city’s two green lungs, longtan park and the temple of heaven park. the rail transit near the park is also very convenient. it takes 5-10 minutes to walk to the station called the east gate of the temple of heaven on subway line no. 5. it takes only 2 minutes to drive to chongwenmenwai avenue, the east gate of the temple of heaven, and only 13 minutes to beijing south railway station.



facing the future and going international, dobe we” is building new international communication platforms for chinese enterprises


dobe group, as a leading brand among chinese providers of services for cultural, creative, sci-tech, innovative enterprises, insists on innovation-driven development. through years of exploration, dobe now has a unique and mature business model. to serve cultural, creative, sci-tech, innovative enterprises in different development stages in an all-round way, dobe has developed multiple forms of products. in 2015, the dobe we" series developed to meet the needs of international development formally appeared. after dobe we” international hub @ bund, the first park project in the we” series, shanghai & florence-sino italian design exchange center, dobe we” international hub @ silicon valley, dobe we” international hub @ jing’an, dobe we” international hub @ meiyuan, dobe we” international hub @ gusu, dobe we” international hub @ bund 8 appeared one after another. the cultural/creative parks created by dobe are walking on a characteristic road, truly becoming the cultural/creative industry’s boosters, adding wings to china’s cultural/creative industry.


dobe we” is a sub-brand of dobe group. it aims to explore and practice future ways of working. we” stands for west & east. it’s a bridge for integration and communication between the west and the east. dobe we” provides domestic and overseas leading cultural, creative, sci-tech, innovative enterprises with a development platform for resource sharing, business exchanges, international connections. we” represents future ways of working. the design of every we” is unique and individualized. every building’s history is inherited. on this basis, there’s innovation. the creation of shared space and ecology gives the buildings vitality. we” thinks nowadays the thing required of offices is not just the creation of a physical space, but more of the platform value and services apart from the hardware. in addition to intelligent offices and property services, we” also builds multi-dimension platform activities, provides enterprises with all-round customized services. shouldering the great mission to “build a global embassy network for cultural, creative, sci-tech, innovative enterprises”, dobe is looking for a “dual drive” road toward globalization, to build the bridge and pave the road for international cultural, creative, sci-tech, innovative enterprises that intend to enter the chinese market, to open a green channel for china’s outstanding cultural, creative, sci-tech, innovative enterprises to go out to the world. dobe actively builds various public service platforms to form competitive advantages, which is greatly helpful to the development of enterprises in its parks.


we believe that based on introducing overseas enterprises into china and helping chinese enterprises go abroad, dobe we” international hub @ longtan will break regional barriers in no time, promote the synergy between innovation, culture, finance, and build a new ecology for the cultural industry’s development together.


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