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ai @ dobe, media marketing insiders discuss the new future of ai


on oct. 29, an “ai@ dobe” event that gathered many media professionals and ai enterprises in dobe parks was held at dobe we” international hub @ bund. this event was jointly created by the media community and the marketing community. it was also the 3rd session of the “journalist forum” media salon. enterprises in dobe parks, noitom and 4gaudio shared their latest technical progress. media masters and makers voiced their opinions, had face-to-face communication and discussed the trends in ai development.

the concept of artificial intelligence first appeared in the summer of 1956, with a history of more than 60 years. artificial intelligence, usually abbreviated to ai, is a new technology and science that studies and develops theories, methods, technologies and application systems for the simulation, extension and expansion of human intelligence. in 2017, ai topics have been everywhere, from alphago to all kinds of ai conferences, from playing chess to writing news, from roaring factories to unmanned supermarket on streets, from driverless cars to the ai trading system on wall street. shanghai also sounded the horn for creating an ai highland in china. at "the global (shanghai) ai innovation summit" held on aug. 30 in shanghai, shanghai economy and information technology commission’s director chen mingbo revealed: “shanghai plans to introduce the opinions on new-generation ai development implementation in oct., which will focus on application drive, industrial synergy, sci-tech leading, ecological cultivation and implementation of the ai @sh" action.


△ scene of the event

before the event started, the intelligent attendance register, intelligent coffee machine and beauty grading camera provided by enterprises in dobe parks attracted people’s attention. everyone began to discuss by the intelligent machines. when the event started, the media, marketing and other community members introduced their relations with ai in a mixed icebreaking way. the tmt media community is a community alliance of thoughtful and creative media professionals. the event attracted many media masters focusing on ai in the community. they are respectively from shanghai morning post, xinmin evening news, china youth daily, wen hui news, economic daily, global times, shanghai securities news,, china news agency,, netease, baidu news, xinmin neighborhood voice, am990, etc.

noitom from dobe e-manor of daning first shared their technology and explained virtual cinematography. a movie has about 1000 scenes. the traditional process is linear. a movie called avatar subverted the tradition. the new production process is almost real-time, 200 scenes/week. using a video, noitom demonstrated the principle and effect of motion capture, virtual camera and real-time rendering. as a company with international competitiveness in the field of motion capture, noitom has three motion capture products: perception neuron, perception legacy and myswing golf. the game of thrones honored for special visual effect at the 67th emmy awards used perception neuron for virtual image motion capture. as a result, noitom has built a reputation abroad. logan iii and other blockbusters also used noitom products. noitom is popularizing vr, trying to make it “out of the box”


△ a representative of noitom shared ideas

next, 4gaudio from dobe e-manor of qibao introduced everyone to its black audio technology. 4gaudio is starting a revolution for traditional loudspeakers by making people and offline scenes interact through sound. problems such as uncontrollable sound field and noise interference are effectively solved. according to their introduction, using this new "speaker", people standing in the designated area can clearly hear the music played by the player, while people nearby are not affected by the sound at all. voices from others in the area also will not affect the hearing of individuals in the area. just think, if the technology is applied to square dancing,elderly ladies can dance to little apple on the left side, hip hoppers can dance to beat it on the right side. the two sides can dance to their own music without disturbing each other. what a harmonious picture!


△ 4gaudio demonstrated its black audio technology

ai is "enabling" human life at an unprecedented speed. on the scene, people expressed their queries and application ideas on the guests' sharing. shanghai oriental pearl mobile tv even expressed cooperation intention to 4gaudio. from the transfer of black technology, to how to turn ai into market demand and application, to the possibility of product cooperation between enterprises, community members had collisions of ideas and inspired creative sparks in this event.

by building communities and holding community activities, dobe group gathers people sharing the same genes and focuses on specific topics. a unique ecological service chain has been established. in the future, more links and sharing will happen. let's wait and see.


△ the media community and marketing community members took a group photo 

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