song qihui, head of industry division of the ministry of culture visits dobe e-ag8网址

song qihui, head of industry division of the ministry of culture visits dobe e-manor of changning


on nov. 1, song qihui, head of industry division of the ministry of culture visited dobe e-manor of changning to investigate the actual demand and industry development of cultural, creative, sci-tech and innovative enterprises in dobe parks. changning district’s deputy head meng qingyuan accompanied the visitors.


to understand the current development of cultural and creative industries, song qihui chose dobe as the object of his investigation in shanghai, hoping to provide enterprises, particularly cultural and creative smes, with better services through in-depth visits. during the tour, dobe group’s chief art officer and cultural & creative industry research institute’s head su rong gave song qihui and other visitors a detailed introduction to the construction philosophy and development process of the park. dobe built the park service platform wehome to integrate resources, connect enterprises and link online and offline. white collars can learn the park’s news and event information through the online app in real time. with all-round offline facilities, multi-function zoning, considerate service and rich community activities, wehome has become a free space for white collars in life and work. it is also a good place for enterprise activities and community exchanges.

in the colloquium, song qihui asked many questions: how to promote the park’s professional development? what difficulties is the park facing? in order to explore how to develop cultural and creative industrial parks, song qihui wanted to learn more experience from the service model of dobe and further promote the cultural industry’s sustainable development. dobe group’s president jia bo said: we can try to promote demonstration parks across china, promote the development of culture and creative industry parks, build product chaining and branding, provide enterprises with more professional services and implement services in enterprises. in order to achieve these goals, we need multi-industry integration and innovation. dobe cannot do it without the support and help from our government officials at all levels. we hope the state can become a supporter for industrial development. it is good for integrating resources and leading enterprises to go global.

as china's leading professional service provider committed to development of cultural, creative, sci-tech and innovative enterprises, dobe provides various innovative services, such as community service, cultural products, park electronic screens, etc. dobe builds a “smart circle” to produce ecological effects. in the future, dobe will become the first-choice for smes to conduct multinational cooperation and foreign companies to enter into the chinese market.


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