jinjiang district party committee deputy secretary and district head wang qian visited dobe e-ag8网址

jinjiang district party committee deputy secretary and district head wang qian visited dobe e-manor of changning


on nov. 7, chengdu jinjiang district party committee deputy secretary and district head wang qian visited dobe e-manor changning. dobe group’s president jia bo, chief art officer and cultural & creative industry research institute’s head su rong accompanied the visitors. by communicating with enterprises in the park, mr. wang and his party increased their understanding of dobe parks’ operation model, and hoped to facilitate the development of cultural and creative industries in jinjiang district of chengdu.


during the tour, in front of the wall of development history, su rong introduced the building history and development of dobe e-manor of changning to mr. wang. the park was former china national space administration’s 809 research institute, which has been refurbished. the integration of the unique geomancy concept and chinese garden culture created e-manor’s inclusive cultural and creative environment. the park joins hands with the settled enterprises to for win-win cooperation and promotes the industry’s sound development.


in the colloquium, dobe group’s president jia bo first introduced the newly signed project in chengdu and the new park’s situation. he said dobe model would be injected into the new park to promote the development of cultural and creative industry parks in jinjiang district. jia bo introduced dobe group’s achievements and future plans in the field of cultural and creative industries. dobe will continue to introduce international resources, use the international community festival to help more smes in cultural and creative industries go abroad. at the same time. by landing parks and introducing dobe park resources, dobe will link more white collars and enterprise resources through the "smart circle" to realize "1 1> 2". by sept., dobe has already held more than 1,000 community activities this year. by providing quality membership services, dobe will let white collars in its parks really enjoy the benefits.

mr. wang said: “cultural and creative industrial parks not only solve the problem of idle resources, but also play a huge role in improving regional image. the district government will give good play to its service functions as always. i hope after dobe group’s first cultural and creative park in chengdu is completed, it can make full use of space resources, link its large-scale development and industrialization with the surrounding large-scale industries and cultural and creative park, to promote the industry’s development and expand its influence.”

in the future, dobe will actively gather cultural and creative resources, optimize the spatial distribution of cultural and creative industries, build key cultural and creative parks, promoting integration of cultural and creative industries with other industries, strive to help chengdu’s traditional cultural and creative industries’ transformation and upgrading.



△ dobe group’s chief art officer su rong introduced the park’s development history to mr. wang


△ in the colloquium, dobe group’s president jia bo introduced the chengdu project’s situation to mr. wang

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