the lia ceremony successfully held at dobe we” @ bund 8-ag8网址

the lia ceremony successfully held at dobe we” @ bund 8


on the evening of nov. 30, the london international awards (lia for short) ceremony was held at dobe we@ bund 8 successfully. lia chairwoman barbara levy, cheil global chief creative officer malcolm poynton, more than 150 juries, award winners and creators attended the event. 


dobe we” @ bund 8 is located at no. 8 east zhongshan number two road, the bund. it’s one of the we” series parks of dobe. the project reinterpreted the bund and gave a different moderate luxury breath to the old building through refurbishment. as a leading professional service provider dedicated to development of cultural, creative, sci-tech and innovative enterprises, dobe has witnessed the growth of many enterprises, such as meituan dianping, kidstone. exactly the same with lia, dobe probably is serving the most cutting-edge and most enterprising people in china.

london international advertising awards was initiated in london, britain, in 1985. in 2004, the word “advertising” was removed and london international awards (lia) became the first real international awards of the same kind, no longer limited to advertising, but including various changing industries. today’s lia has further divided print, tv and advertising into 19 different product categories, including digital marketing, health and medicine, music and sound design, packaging, integrated marketing. however, originality is still the common and only criterion. lia is also known as the youngest and most vigorous international creation awards. in addition to the extremely subdivided award categories, lia has more than 10,000 entries from nearly 100 countries and regions each year.

the award ceremony announced 57 finalists and 7 lia red angel (gold award) winners among more than 500 entries of more than 100 companies from a dozen countries and regions, including the united states, canada, sweden, malaysia, south korea, thailand, chinese mainland, taiwan, hong kong, etc.


ogilvy & mather’s pxmart ghost festival memorial ceremony won a gold award for marketing effect for its breakthrough innovation and application of traditional culture. mr. t.b. song, board chairman of ogilvy & mather china, who is known as the father of chinese advertising, was honored with lia chinese creation lifetime achievement award 2017. song zhiming conveyed ogilvy & mather’s perception of advertising and its insistence on creativity, expressed his views and expectations on chinese advertising.

lia chinese creation, as a unit of lia, is the only international creation award that allows entries in chinese. this is of great significance to chinese advertising creators. it judges by international standards, treat creative works in different language contexts fairly. it’s the first international advertising award to recognize chinese creative works and currently the highest award for chinese creative works. in 2018, the chinese creation unit will also be reviewed and presented in las vegas with all other english units. in this year, lia held its first award ceremony in china. as an international financial and art center in the bund, dobe we@ bund 8 was honored to host the event.

dobe we@ bund 8 is in the bund. like lia, it treats traditional culture and western creative works fairly. it describes the elegance of shanghai style in a simple and elegant way, enhance the space’s taste using chinese and foreign artworks. the eastern feeling and western charm are blended. here, one can understand shanghai and see the world.


△ one corner of dobe we@ bund 8

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