way to win online, we don’t know——brand marketing new trend forum “internet arena” witnesses tmt media community’s first gathering-ag8网址

way to win online, we don’t know——brand marketing new trend forum “internet arena” witnesses tmt media community’s first gathering


on july 16, a brand marketing new trend forum titled “internet arena” was successfully held at dobe we” international hub @ bund. from this event, many branding, marketing and media professionals gained a lot about brand promotion in the new media era.


the 2nd international community festival (icf) in 2017 sponsored by dobe is a large festival participated by many enterprises and white-collar elites in sci-tech, innovative, cultural and creative industries. as one of the icf series of community activities, “internet arena” was co-organized by 4 large communities, namely blue whale media’s maocaijing, female financial journalists’ club, dobe group’s marketing community and media community. it is noteworthy that the establishment of the tmt media community initiated by dobe group was announced during this event.  


△special guest from himalaya fm and the first guest speaker shanghai hongting culture & media’s ceo sun qingke took a group photo to mark the occasion

how to make internet companies win? online celebrities and masters say

around the features of enterprises’ market behaviors and brand strategies in the new media era, the professional guests, including shanghai hongting culture & media’s ceo sun qingke, wisers public opinion monitoring and market research director kong xiangying, new concept contest’s first prize winner and famous we media professional qu weiwei, famous we media professional and young writer fu titi, lavector technologies founder and marketing automation expert luan ye, chance & choice media’s founder and ceo zeng guowei, blue whale media east china regional general manager hu gang, specialist media’s founder, former ele.me marketing director and idonews exchanged ideas on how to make internet companies win from four angles, i.e. “individualized media”, “online celebrities and live streaming”, “intelligent reform”, “pan-entertainment marketing”.


many people came for famous we media professional qu weiwei, who has nearly 2 million fans. at the event, she shared her journey on the road of we media. born in 1995, she has all kinds of identities, a fudan university’s alumna, app writer, double new concept composition contest champion, archery coach, wedding planner, volunteer teacher, journalist, scriptwriter and so on. however, people want her to be called and she most wants to be called “a girl with stories”. from a qq space literature lover to a trainee with southern people weekly, facing many media people and predecessors’ leaving traditional media, she began to try we media. from a lovelorn big v at zhihu.com to a famous we media professional with nearly 2 million fans, she knows emotional words are usually the most powerful and can strike a chord with readers. as a sensible book girl, she always insists on grasping readers’ heart using emotions. as she said, during 2 years, she and her team kept trying and innovating, successfully stood out from countless public accounts.


△new concept contest’s first prize winner and famous we media professional qu weiwei sharing her experience 

chance & choice media’s founder zeng guowei focused on the topic of intelligent reform and taught the guests to do marketing in the ai era. the internet give us a space. all our words and deeds in the virtual world are recorded. such data records will become important intangible assets to every enterprise and individual in the future. it will influence enterprise value or valuation and individual credit, etc. as the data accumulates, the influence will grow bigger and bigger. in the future, managing our data in the virtual world will become an important part in our daily work and life. we need to think and strive to use data to create value and let users understand the value presented by data. external data is applied extensively. there are still many mines worth digging.


△chance & choice media’s founder and ceo zeng guowei sharing his ideas

tmt media community’s first gathering, marketing community link’s another upgrade

at the event, the tmt media community initiated by dobe group had the first public gathering. many media masters from cbn daily, china business journal, china youth daily, shanghai morning post, china.com.cn, china news service, toutiao.com, kn.qq.com, shanghai observer, voice of strait showed up at the event to exchange and share ideas. the tmt media community is a community alliance formed by a group of media professionals full of ideas and creativity. they define and focus on the new concepts of brand, media and community in unique ways and perspectives, by difference means. to the media, this is the best of times and the worst of times. with the rapid rise of we media and online celebrities, traditional media face more opportunities and challenges. high quality media resources and sharing will inevitably lead to more chemical reactions.



△ the audience capturing dobe tmt media community’s first gathering

at the same time, the marketing community’s members who are active among dobe parks’ branding and marketing professionals also participated in in this activity. they brought their products to share with everyone. this year, the marketing community which has been established for 2 years had another upgrade. the form of park community branches makes cooperation and resource sharing ferment between neighbors and make every marketing professional’s problems solved through the community.


when marketing professionals meet media professionals, there is cutting-edge cultural, creative, sci-tech, innovative enterprises’ information on one side, tmt media platform on the other side. if a park speaks with a unified voice, if every marketing cooperation, resource sharing and linking between a park’s enterprises is completed through communities, what kind of energy and explosive power will be formed? it’s reported that in the future the tmt media community will join hands with the marketing community to ignite more unexpected sparks.


as a service supplier for cultural, creative, sci-tech, innovative enterprises, dobe group has patiently explored white-collar workers’ 8 3 work and life pattern all the time. by building communities and holding community activities, dobe gathers people of the same type, focuses on enterprises’ innovative topics, building a unique ecological service chain. 

at the opening ceremony of the 2nd icf, dobe and its partners invited a dozen global famous community organizations, including cyzone, fly improv, workface, to announce the global innovation & entrepreneurship community alliance’s establishment together. these community forces’ joining will inject new blood into dobe “smart circle”, which has gathered capital, law firms, accounting firms and other resources.


in the future, more linking and sharing will happen. let’s wait and see.


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