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dobe group’s party branch wins changning district’s “five-star award” for party building in “new economic organizations and new social organizations”


recently, dobe group’s party branch won changning district’s “five-star award” for party building in “new economic organizations and new social organizations”.


changning district’s “five-star award” for party building in “new economic organizations and new social organizations” aims to commend party organizations that have made achievements in party building and played their roles effectively, further encourage the district’s “new economic organizations and new social organizations” to play their roles in “promoting development, serving the people, uniting the people, promoting harmony.”


dobe group’s party branch was established in aug. 2012. accompanied by the company’s development, now the party branch has 47 party members. through its effective work, the party branch has stimulated white-collar party members’ party consciousness, supported the company’s development, united non-party employees, showed party members’ positive energy in the new age. in 2016, the party branch continued its organizational building, stuck to and carried out basic systems such as the “party branch’s general assemblies of party members, committee meetings, group meetings and party lectures”, made study plans, perfected the study system, enriched the study content. while conducting overall construction, dobe group’s party branch always pays attention to giving play to party members’ exemplary role. on the one hand, it values good performance and promotes corporate development. the party branch requires party members to be bellwethers of their teams, not only render meritorious services, but also inspire other employees around them. on the other hand, it values voluntary contributions and supports community welfare. the party branch regularly organizes party members to take part in the volunteer activity “vegetables to the elderly” every month, which has continued for 5 years and more than 100 times. for the review of district’s status as a “national civilized district and national health district”, the party branch assisted in regulating shared bicycle parking and directing traffic, advocated to strive for civilized travel by the whole society. in addition, in 2016 the party branch established and improved its party member point system and optimized its party member evaluation and stimulation. in this way, the party branch aroused party members’ enthusiasm for its activities on the one hand, improved its management of party members and the team on the other hand, achieved standardization and institutionalization in the end.


as a party organization in creative parks, dobe group’s party branch inherited the dobe spirit. it is committed to connecting dobe parks’ internal resources with external resources, so as to co-construct and share in "integration" and promote joint community governance in dobe parks. in 2016, the party branch established dobe e-manor changning party-masses service station. the mechanism of normalized visits, it-based communication, project-based service, intensive utilization of resources, socialized operation has turned the station into a ground for party members’ study and activities, a hub of resources for various services and projects, contributing to the park and community’s common development. shanghai water molecule community foundation and meituan volunteers’ studio and other party member volunteers’ studios have been established in succession, uniting white-collars workers from different enterprises in the park. the program of “6 conveniences” has provided 35 services more than 120 times, constantly improving white-collar workers’ sense of gain and degree of satisfaction.


dobe group is undergoing unprecedented transformation and rapid development. closely following the group’s pace of development, the party branch has become a strong team that connects internal with external resources, pursues public welfare and builds platforms. in the future, under changning district party committee and huayang sub-district party working committee’s leadership, the party branch will continue community autonomy and joint governance, further standardize its construction, strengthen the education and management of party members, carry out a “cohesion project”, give play to its role as a fortress and party members’ exemplary role, make positive contributions to changning for building a high-quality international district! 


dobe group’s party branch won changning district’s “five-star award” for party building in “new economic organizations and new social organizations”.


some members of dobe group’s party branch

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