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the 2nd international community festival successfully closed with cultural & creative, sci-tech & innovative “oscar” announced


"the early summer is still cool, leaving the grass to grow without withering". with awards having been announced, the eye-catching 2nd international community festival 2017 successfully came to an end. the closing ceremony was held at 19:00 pm on july 21, celebrating the exciting presentation of three categories of awards: (1) top ten awards at the 2nd international community festival 2017; (2) international college student innovation and entrepreneurship competition top five; (3) “the most beautiful community angels” top ten. the grand ceremony has attracted a wide public attention and discussion.



bo ding, shanghai deputy youth league committee and party secretary, hao zhang shanghai creative industry association secretary-general, rihua wang, chairman of shanghai industrial design association, zhiwei luo, shanghai promotion center for city of design secretary-general, hai huang, shanghai institute of industry transformation and development secretary-general, guande li, shanghai services federation vice president and secretary-general and bo jia, chairman of dobe group attended the closing ceremony.


△ rihua wang, chairman of shanghai industrial design association making a speech

during this year's international community festival week (july 11 to july 21), nearly 100 community activities were held, with dozens of world leading community resources including cyzone, light high, 818 creators' commune, nian theater, fly comedy, spiritual wealth club and medoc invited and more than 100,000 people attended. the festival had attracted many investors, enterprises, media and people from all circles to attend, triggering heated discussions over "community" and "creativity" in shanghai.


cultural & creative, sci-tech & innovative “oscar” announced

the annual international community festival awards ceremony is grand gathering of global cultural and creative, sci-tech & creative enterprises. this year's awards ceremony attracted more than 3,500 cultural and creative, sci-tech & innovative enterprises to attend and compete for awards. with the announcing of the two hottest awards, the laurel of "cultural & creative venture company of the year" was given to spiritual wealth club, a forerunner of "nationwide reading" and the laurel of “sci-tech & innovative venture company of the year” was given to shanghai yitu technology, leading enterprise in artificial intelligence. better yet, this year's top ten awards was presented by the previous winners, implying the passing down of creative and innovative spirit from generation to generation, and the inheritance of cultural creativity and sci-tech innovation.

"as an organization promoting the nationwide reading by the power of community, our vision is to help more chinese citizens develop the habit of reading via our approach. this award is recognition of our efforts and achievements in nationwide reading promotion. it will inspire us to take further our undertakings," said ming zhang, shanghai-based head of spiritual wealth club during the acceptance speech. as a book sharing community promoting reading with business strength, spiritual wealth club devotes itself to helping 300 million chinese citizens develop the habit of reading. taking advantage of the mobile internet, the club provides all forms of sharing and communication including video, audio, graphic and text and offers interpretation of essence in spiritual wealth club app to guide those who have no time to read, or do not know what to read or suffer from inefficient reading to absorb the essence of at least 50 books a year. having gathered a large number of the like-minded with curiosity and thirst for knowledge and those who wish to sublimate themselves and their surroundings through learning, the club has produced a wide and positive social impact.

during this year's community festival, spiritual wealth club held a large-scale book club sharing session with club masters present. despite of the hot weather, more than 1,200 book lovers crowded into the venue with an original anticipated number of 970 participants. many book lovers without a seat stood through the whole half-day sharing. as of the end of june 2017, spiritual wealth club has established over 600 branch clubs worldwide, gathering more than 2 million book lovers. only in shanghai, the club has more than 300,000 registered users and nearly 50,000 paying subscribers. the shanghai club arranges over 30 online and offline salon activities every month, making it the biggest and most cohesive learning-oriented community in shanghai.

shanghai is leading the country in practice of scientific and technological innovation and has been marching towards the vision of building it into a "scientific and technological innovation hub" with global influence. in view of this, this year's festival had specially set the award for "sci-tech & innovative venture company of the year", which was granted to yitu technology, a leading enterprise specialized in artificial intelligence and committed to the integration of advanced artificial intelligence technology and industry applications. in 2016, yitu helped the police crack a 16-year-old murder case with a face recognition and comparison system called "dragonfly's eye" designed by yitu. yitu's face recognition technology is capable of capturing face images in a crowd and quickly retrieving the face and analyzing the similarity and identity information of the wanted before locking the target. it brings the hollywood scene into real life.

in just a few years since its inception in 2012, yitu technology succeeds to improve the face recognition false alarm rate from one thousandth to a hundred-millionth. the "dragonfly's eye" system independently developed by yitu was granted the "science and technology progress award of the ministry of public security". besides, yitu cooperated with aliyun to build a "big data-based real-time cloud platform for guizhou traffic police" to effectively help the public security system solve major cases and bring criminals to justice. more than that, relying on its core technology in artificial intelligence, yitu is gradually entering the medical, transportation and engineering fields. in 2013, yitu technology received angel funding from zhenfund, followed by series c round funding by hillhouse capital group, yunfeng capital, sequoia capital, banyan capital and zhenfund, with a total of 380 million yuan raised. in the recent global and most authoritative face recognition vendor test (frvt), yitu technology, representing china, achieved the best results in face recognition tests so far, surpassing the longstanding security company of russia - vocord. it is a well-deserved award for yitu technology holds the most cutting-edge core technology and has the ambition of "changing life in every aspect with artificial intelligence".


 △ medal presentation to cultural & creative venture company of the year and sci-tech & innovative venture company of the year

online and offline platform two-way linkage - the most influential cultural & creative, sci-tech & innovative enterprise and figure announced

following the presentation of the two hottest awards, the other eight awards at the 2nd international community festival 2017 were also announced at the closing ceremony. "the most influential chinese cultural program of the year" was given to shuangqiang wang, founder of one of china's most influential chinese culture institution - china-hutong. "cross-industry venture business of the year" was given to doper communications, who ever provided social media and communication strategies for top brands including chanel, gucci, louis vuitton, hermes and givenchy. ms. huifei lu from domestic well-known video content producer and entertainment integrated marketing service provider keyi media corporation was awarded "the new prominent entrepreneur of the year". these awards are not only recognition of the enterprises and individuals in the past year but also an indicator of the future vertical development in cultural and creative, sci-tech and innovative fields.


 △ medal presentation for “the most beautiful community angels”

the simultaneously launched contest "the most beautiful wehomer - finding the most beautiful community angels" was carried out at the dobe park online service platform - wehome during the international community festival by linking the resources of dobe parks, neighborhood and community and via the combination of online voting platform and offline activities. since its launching from june 21, the contest has attracted more than 30,000 people to participate, with hundreds of office ladies submitted applications and a total of 160,000 online votes accumulated. as the messenger of the community, the crown and mission of "the most beautiful community angels" will pass down to the next international community festival. at the same time, under the full support of sjtu institute of cultural and creative industry, confucius institute at sjtu and confucius institute at middle tennessee state university, the gold, silver and bronze medal of international college student innovation and entrepreneurship competition, "the most popular entrepreneurship program", "the most promising investment program" and other awards were also announced to encourage young college students in innovation and entrepreneurship to be the ceaseless driving force and source for china's cultural & creative, sci-tech & innovative undertakings.


△ announcement of awards at international college student innovation and entrepreneurship competition

from may to july, from the international college student innovation and entrepreneurship competition to "run! weekend!" to the diverse community activities during the festival week, the meaning of "globalization", "community" and "internationality" was interpreted incisively and vividly. we believe that under the guidance of the collaboration, community and sharing spirit advocated by the international community festival, more community, enterprise and investment institution resources will jump in to maximize the cluster effect of "light company ecosystem".


△ bo jia, chairman of dobe group making a thanking speech

appendix i:

winners of top ten awards at the 2nd international community festival 2017:

1. cultural & creative venture company of the year: spiritual wealth club

2. sci-tech & innovative venture company of the year: shanghai yitu technology

3. we” star enterprise of the year: farfetch (shanghai) e-commerce limited

4. the most influential chinese cultural program of the year: shuangqiang wang china-hutong

5. cross-industry innovative product of the year: berry show

6. cross-industry venture business of the year: doper communications

7. the new prominent entrepreneur of the year: huifei lu  keyi media corporation

8. community organization of the year: cyzone

9. investment institution of the year: fortune vc

10. investor of the year: jianxin deng  zhuoyuan capital


appendix ii:

winners of the “international college student innovation and entrepreneurship competition”:

1. gold medal: fei yin  picyoung

2. silver medal: taoyang chen  short videos program of "marilyn twain"

3. bronze medal: brady huffman & jianyin roachell  ajax intel, inc.

financial knowledge that empowers asset wealth management

4. the most popular entrepreneurship program: nabeil allam  the pelvic expert unsw pitch deck

5. the most promising investment program: mana kashuk  made to fund


appendix iii:

winners of “the most beautiful wehomer”:

1. the most beautiful community angels: na lu (dobe we” @jing’an  bluefocus)

2. the most influential community angel: yun xue (dobe xuhui creative loft where ayi)

3. the most inclusive community angel: yingfei ge (dobe e-manor of hongqiao ge3.21)

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