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dobe group’s shanghai & florence-sino italian design exchange center helps shanghai design forces go abroad


on june 22 local time in italy, the shanghai & florence-sino italian design exchange center (florence base) built by dobe group welcomed a delegation from jing’an district government of shanghai, consisting of gu chunyuan, jing’an district party committee’s standing committee member and organization department’s head, li huazhong, director of the personnel committee of the standing committee of jing’an district people’s congress, pan hongmei, jing’an district human resources and social security department’s head, xu gang, jing’an administration academy’s executive vice president and other leaders from sub-district party working committees.


the base’s person in charge first led mr. gu chunyuan and other visitors to have a tour of the base and introduced the base’s operation situation. the visitors had in-depth communication with the base’s person in charge. on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of sino italian design exchange center’s establishment, the delegation’s members expressed strong interest in sino-italian cultural exchanges. in the meantime, they looked forward to the prospects for shanghai fashion and design enterprises’ overseas exchanges in the future.


afterward, the delegation visited an important display space in the celebration for the 5th anniversary of sino italian design exchange center’s establishment——shanghai saloon. during the celebration for the 5th anniversary of sino italian design exchange center’s establishment, shanghai saloon will select 103 products from 20 shanghai enterprises and agencies for exhibitions under 4 themes, i.e. intangible cultural heritage, craftsmanship, fashion, innovation. shanghai saloon will create opportunities for chinese design agencies to exchange experience with world leading design firms and agencies, let them have a deep understanding of international brand building and management models, help them channel international creative design resources.


florence of italy is the place of origin of the renaissance, the world capital of art and a famous cultural center. it’s filled of the breath of art and fashion. as china’s first cultural and creative park project in europe, shanghai & florence-sino italian design exchange center (florence base) actively helps outstanding chinese enterprises to make connections with high-quality design resources and famous fashion firms in italy. now, the base has become the bridgehead for shanghai fashion and design enterprises to enter the european market. it promotes exchanges and project cooperation between china and italy in design and fashion fields. today, shanghai’s design forces are gradually injected into florence and the european market.


as the only chinese agency in charge of the florence base’s operation, for a long time, dobe group has maintained close cooperation with chinese and italian elites from all circles, kept exerting its international influence in cultural and creative fields, promoted sino-italian bilateral cultural and art exchanges, supported the two countries’ cultural exchanges and development.


dobe is willing to build a platform for international cultural exchanges, create a new model for win-win cooperation, accompany outstanding chinese and foreign cultural, creative, sci-tech, innovative enterprises to grow together.


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