art box gets inaugurated at dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven, the capital ushers in a new era of artistic offices-ag8网址

art box gets inaugurated at dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven, the capital ushers in a new era of artistic offices


a family of artists gather at dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven to unveil the mysterious art box


“painting makes me forget the evening of my life is approaching; riches and honors are floating clouds to me.” this verse by du fu is often cited by painters to describe the realm of art. in all ages, it’s really rare that three generations from the same family and even all three members of a family love traditional chinese painting, make it their faith of a lifetime and pass it from generation to generation. on may 27, dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven in beijing welcomed the famous traditional chinese painting family. all three members of the family, the mother li min, the father zeng lichuan and the daughter zeng wenyou, brought the first exhibition for the inauguration of we" art100 art box. the three artists for the first time painted together and co-created the painting “we”.


the painting’s environment is a forest. there are lively birds, still trees, gorgeous feathers, unique rocks, invisible air and water, which represent the ecosystem vitally related to us. the natural ecological chain contains every element of “we”. speaking of the inspiration for this painting, the daughter zeng wenyou said: “nothing can exist in isolation. the famous lunar base project intends to use all advanced technologies, lots of money and resources to create a natural environment, the carbon cycle and mineral cycle. only when this sustainable ecological chain is complete, can human beings go to develop on the moon. only when everything we have begins to cycle, can every one of us overflow with vigor.”


this painting exhibition will exhibit more than 20 paintings, including the splash-ink lotus series and the splash-color landscape series, at dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven for 3 weeks. this is the first batch of art works exhibited at the art box of dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven. the exhibition unveiled the mysterious art box, which is all-glass, like an artistic cube. it will host the most cutting-edge art exhibitions all year round uninterruptedly. different from other art museums and galleries’ forms of display, in this transparent physical space, there is sunshine and green plants. it let art have intimate contact with nature, making art more expressive. every art exhibition to be held in art box will use the theme “we”, free young artists’ imaginations, use the most advanced forms of art to interpret the relations between us and everything in this world, in order to warn us that our relations with nature are out of balance along with our urban development, thus cause the public’s attention and thinking on “we”.


at the inauguration of we"art100 program’s art box in beijing, zhao li, founder of art nova 100, xu wen, director of orchid art center, he bin, founder and ceo of, jia bo, dobe group’s board chairman and others were present. at the inauguration, dobe group signed strategic cooperation agreements and formed an art alliance with art nova 100, orchid art center, and in the future, these 3 art agencies will provide art box with many artists and artworks, plan more art exhibitions together, to convey the concept of “we” in different forms of art. in addition, cooperation with art agencies will bring different kinds of art community activities, inject art energy into dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven continuously.


in the future, art box will become a new exhibition landmark in beijing for young artists, let more prominent young artists have a broader stage to show their artistic talents, bring more cutting-edge arts and designs. as the most eye-catching brand event under dobe group’s brand we”, we"art100 program will invite 100 artists to interpret the concept of “we” in 100 forms of art. art box will provide different forms of art with a high-quality platform for exhibiting artworks, artists’ interaction and communication, art agencies’ events.




why is the leading enterprise in cultural and creative industries in love with the temple of heaven cultural circle in the south of beijing?


located at 91 fahuasi street in beijing, dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven is the latest work in dobe group’s we” series. it’s also the first creative park invested and built in beijing by dobe group. as a leading enterprise in cultural and creative industries, dobe now has developed 3 brand lines, i.e. e-manor, we” and sports loft, with over 50 different parks distributed in italy, the usa, beijing, shanghai, hangzhou, suzhou, etc. upholding the idea of being “loving, leading and international”, dobe brought its brand we” to beijing. we” stands for west & east, inclusiveness and integration. no matter in architectural design and planning, or service platform building, it has greatly broken the concept of traditional offices.


we” usually is located in a “core area of historical and cultural significance”. as dobe group’s first try in beijing’s creative park market, dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven selected its site in the temple of heaven cultural circle in beijing’s chongwen district, an old central urban area that integrates cultural and creative industries, the sports industry and modern services, carries profound cultural and historical connotations. in addition, the place is within the radiation of chongwen gate cbd, next to wangfujing cbd on the northwest. it’s a rare large-scale creative park within the 2nd ring road. the park is only 2 minutes from the temple of heaven on foot. rail transit is also very convenient. the temple of heaven east gate station on subway line 5 is only 8 minutes away on foot. the straight-line distance from ciqikou subway station is only 650m. it only takes 13 minutes to reach south beijing railway station.


apart from convenient transport, there are also interesting historical and cultural stories that beijing citizens take delight in talking about. at the beginning of the 1990s, all kinds of antiques, calligraphy and painting works, carpets, clocks were exhibited and traded here, which attracted lots of antique collectors and connoisseurs, thereby forming the famous temple of heaven antique market. the project’s main building was the oldest streetcar factory in beijing, built by the french in 1921. though it went through the arson that caused a sensation in chinese history, it still retains its original appearance. the “movement of repairing 100 streetcars” that symbolizes chinese people’s diligence and courage is also a much-told story here. dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven in beijing is a creative park that truly merits its name, has a sense of history, stories and cultural connotations.6363598235894910789047228.png

with its conceptual design done by vertical forest’s creator boeri, what attractions does dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven have?


this time, dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven specially invited the authority in old building/district renovation, ecological building and sustainable building fields, the famous italian architect mr. boeri to do the conceptual design, in order to create a creative park that shares culture, nature, art and humanity. in park design, the combination of culture and art gives the office space a distinctive cultural atmosphere and artistic quality. the park’s entrance retains the unique archway of beijing. when you stand at the park’s entrance, you will feel as if you are watching history in modern times. in the center of the park, a pedestrian landscape axis is designed, gathering all the historical and cultural energy from the hall of prayer for good harvests and the hall of supreme harmony over thousands of years. there is a courtyard for every enterprise on the first floor. ingenious partitions and plants are arranged alternately, giving every enterprise a courtyard and a good view. such design not only can expand the outdoor office space, but also can give people a private space to take a rest after a busy day. it also can be used for having meetings and tea breaks.


dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven project’s total area is 28,000 ㎡, formed by 9 independent buildings. in the middle of the park sits the 3,000 ㎡ community center. it contains a theater and a co-working space, which can hold 120 desks. white-collar workers can relax, communicate and co-create here. startup projects also can stage roadshows in the open theater. building no.1 has a large depth. apart from the office area, it also retains the long-standing beijing bus museum. apart from the spacious outdoor office environment, the 6m high indoor space is also a huge advantage over the traditional office space in office buildings. the large width, the stretched vertical space and the story height that makes a 2nd floor possible provide white-collar workers with physical space support for unconstrained creativity at work.


it’s reported that dobe we” international hub @ temple of heaven is expected to be completed and delivered in sept. of this year. it not only will provide its tenants with an energetic individualized office environment, but also will further explore and practice future office styles, become a bridge for enterprises to reach the international level, keep pace with the world and link to the future.


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