an event for the world reading day successfully held at dobe e-ag8网址

an event for the world reading day successfully held at dobe e-manor of daning


on april 21, under the theme “educated citizens, scholarly daning”, daning road sub-district’s reading project launch and world reading day event were grandly held at dobe e-manor of daning. the event was sponsored by daning road sub-district party working committee and office, co-organized by shanghai golden phoenix art center and dobe e-manor of daning. jing’an district’s deputy head bao yingjing attended the event and gave a speech. leaders from relevant district departments and the park’s white-collar workers took part in the event together.


the even started with daning international elementary school’s recitation of “young china”. the reading project is an important project for the community’s independent and shared governance. the aim is to make books as the medium, strengthen the construction of libraries, build the base for the reading project. that day, the district’s deputy head bao yingjing, the park’s person in charge and the representative of park’s white-collar workers together pressed the book-shaped starter and announced the formal launch of daning road sub-district’s reading project. as a cooperative “reading station”, dobe e-manor of daning received different kinds of new books donated by shanghai university press. the project launch ended with shanghai fengfan high school’s recitation of “wings”. in addition, as the world reading day was approaching, a series of book donation, green plant donation and reading activities were also held that day, which were warmly welcomed by the park’s white-collar workers.


all the books donated in this even will be put in the reading station of the park’s user community center for the white-collar workers to read, to provide dobe e-manor of daning full of a creative feeling with a scholarly atmosphere.


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