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officials from zhangjiagang visit dobe e-manor of changning


on march 9, zhangjiagang municipal party secretary zhu lifan, mayor huang ji and other leaders from the city’s party committee, people’s congress, government and cppcc visited dobe e-manor of changning, accompanied by changning district’s party secretary wang weiren and other officials.


during the tour of the park, mr. zhu and his party visited meituan, fountown and other enterprises in the park, and learnt their development situation. after that, dobe group’s board chairman jia bo led mr. zhu and his party to the park’s wehome --- a space for white-collar workers to live and work freely, and is equipped with all-round facilities, thoughtful services and rich community activities. it’s also a good place to organize enterprise activities and community exchanges. in the meantime, the party & the masses work station and party construction service station set in the park by huayang sub-district are also in the wehome. wehome holds various community activities regularly hand in hand with the sub-district office, provides “six conveniences”, “treatment of winter diseases in summer” and other services in the park, in order to serve the enterprises and white-collar workers. through the activities, the sub-district and the park share their rich resources, create services to meet white-collar workers’ needs and radiate further outside the park while serving the park’s white-collar workers.    

in this exchange, jia bo introduced dobe group’s four transformations and ten value-added services in detail. as an industrial service provider for cultural, creative, sci-tech and innovative enterprises, dobe will continue to support industrial development, create linkages between parks and communities, parks and enterprises, enterprises and enterprises, people and people, keep innovating and exploring, to create a light company ecosphere.


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