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yuedong space: the only sports-video producer in china aims at exploring in the joint efforts with the industrial park.


dobe e-manor of qibao has a basketball court, with a triangular isolation board neatly placed. the basketball courts are adjacent to a dense bamboo grove, with the container climbing wall on the other side. the members of shooting team of yuedong space are on the top offices of the container climbing wall.

last month, yuedong space moved into the industrial park. before they moved, they made full use of its sports advantages to help the organization of 3v3 elite basketball games in the industrial park, and provided a series of support in the games. after that, benefiting from sports and media, yuedong space launched a campaign aimed at the popularization of sports activities in the industrial park — engaging the neighbors into the different industries? opening the space, in order to fill the two hours for white-collars' distraction? to extend a warm welcome with dobe sports loft creative park?

the enterprise good at producing sports-video, a recorder of sports stories

yuedong space, founded in 2015, is a sports-oriented new media, and the original producer in vertical sports in china. yuedong space strives to establish a platform characterized with a variety of sports items, by producing independent news, as well as cooperating with dongguang news station on news broadcasts, reading tv of sports-extreme lives, and the fashionable street talked "sports popularization".

yuedong space has facilitated the output of sports products through the cooperation with today's headlines, penguin media platform, sohu public account, and yoka fashion life, and opened its channels on such mass media as qqlive, sohuvideo, youku, itudou, iqiyi, and letv, where it tells sports stories all day long.

a basketball game facilitates the joint coordination across the industrial park.

in the newly-built dobe e-manor of qibao, the enterprises and its white-collars are not familiar with each other. this september, in order to appreciate the partners who have participated in the construction of the industrial park, the first special "3v3 basketball game" was hosted by dobe e-manor of qibao. for an ordinary basketball game, a proper arrangement of venue and players will be enough. the coordinated concept of the basketball aimed to promote the mutual exchange between the enterprises and customers in the industrial park. the venue was located in the industrial park, and the team players were spontaneously organized. based on the registration, ten teams emerged. the new neighbor karez mineral water also provided drinking water for the game.

"as a new comer, we should submit an application." zhou jun, founder of yuedong space said, "as our company would have engaged in sports, there are some coordinated resources, which could be made use of in the organization of the basketball game. we are ready to make some contribution to it." yuedong space provided the sports attire for the ten teams, and photographed the whole process, which could be later cut into the complete transmitted videos.

this was the first collective event for the enterprises in the industrial park.

two hours a day, business cooperation, white-collars coordination

a signpost at the gate of yuedong space reads "classes are available". "a studio of 30 square meters is located behind our office, which is idle when there is no photographing planning, while one of the walls is designed into a mirror in the decorated office. many co-teachers and star players of some projects often give lectures to the white-collars.”, said coco, head of market department, yuedong space.

dobe e-manor of qibao is home to more than 100 enterprises. "every morning, we have some surplus time. many white-collars are seen walking in the industrial park both in the morning and at dusk." coco said, "if we join hands with other enterprises to share our venues, human resources, and the like, and organize some free sports activities to the white-collars, for instance, yoga, and gymnastics."

not long before, they held discussions with the neighbors on how to serve the industrial park by making full use of the climbing site. "through the diversified activities, our sports-oriented company will get increasingly huge popularization", zhou jun said. dobe sports loft creative park@hongkou is home to many high-quality sports enterprises, some of which have learnt about by yuedong space, but no cooperation. will the sport topics in dobe's network platform be able to extend and develop?


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