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wehome,the community service center in dobe e-manor of daning


wehome, the community service center in dobe e-manor of daning has been officially opened in october 28th. inside the center, there are supporting facilities in an all-around manner in a structure of different multi-functional areas and humane and thoughtful services with various community activities in display. the community service center will become a free space for white-collar employees during their life and work as well as an ideal place for enterprise activities and community exchanges.


besides office, there is also a wehome.

community service center in dobe e-manor of daning - wehome is situated at the i floor of the circle center with an area of over 700 square meters. there are several functional areas in the center: reception area, conference room, parent-child recreation area, coffee diy service area, office and training area and office area of makers customized for individuals or small- and micro-sized business startup teams. if partners inside the circle need to find a temporary office due to decoration in their current office, they can find a transitional office place easily in the community service center and the only thing they need to bring is their laptop. there is no need for them to take the trouble to find another business place. could not find an appropriate place at the primary stage of your business startup? internal conference room is occupied and there is no more room to arrange a meeting? could not find a reception area for a very important customer during his unexpected visit? don't worry. whether you are a company or an entrepreneur in the circle or just passing by dobe e-manor of daning, if there is still some work unsolved or an important meeting to arrange, you can always ask community service center for help and you will be satisfied to their service. community activities carried out in the community service center every week on a regular basis will provide enterprises in the circle with an offline platform on which they can display their brand image, promote their product, share useful knowledge related to technology, exchange theories about business startup and achieve connectivity and joint innovation.




here in wehome, we stress the idea of joint innovation

there is a yoga room, a bar counter and first-aid kits, etc. in the community service center, which has provided white-collar employees with more thoughtful life service. there are nearly a thousand books related to various fields in the two-store bookshelf, collecting shells in the ocean of art, all of which come as a donation from workface, the partner of joint innovation and can be read anytime by white-collar employees or visitors in the circle; a special loving mommy's house has been established in the parent-child recreation area, which has become the demonstration zone of joint construction between the circle and the district trade union of daning road as well as the only five-star house in all circles in the industrial park of northen jing’an area.

what's more, the community service center has also introduced intelligent robots with functions like powerful and accurate facial recognition technology, voice interaction, remote video chat, high-definition laser projection, somatosensory game and a large number of video and audio app, etc. the presence of robots is the sign of smart transformation in the circle, which will provide more technological service for white-collar employees in the circle.




wehome: our home, the first day is the love day

hundreds of white-collar employees have been attracted to attend two community activities specially organized by the circle on the first trial operation day of the community service center, love tour of dobe's water molecules philanthropic foundation and free medical treatment co-hosted by hospital of traditional chinese medicine in jing’an district and the circle in the autumn. if you show loving hearts to children in poor mountainous areas, i shall pay special attention to your health. the community service center has extended its care and warmth to everyone through these two activities. according to primary estimate, dobe's water molecules philanthropic foundation has received a total donation of 2,986 rmb; people in district of daning road have donated toothbrushes specially made for babies and towers worthy of over 1,600 rmb; free medical treatment has been given to over 100 people during which the massage treatment is particularly popular. one white-collar employees said during the activity, "sometimes even when we felt uncomfortable we still had no time to go to a hospital since we have been too busy with our work. today we can solve the problem while working. this is really a big surprise.



it is heard that community service center wehome will be opened in dobe e-manor of changning, dobe sports loft creative park, dobe e-manor of zhaohua and dobe e-manor of hongqiao later.

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