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development together with enterprises – dobe reaches a cooperation with china printing material


    on july 22, 2011, jiabo, president of dobe, signed an agreement on cooperation in investment with china printing material on behalf of dobe. through this round of investment, china printing material will become a new member of dobe’s enterprise incubation center.


    dobe has aimed at becoming a service provider of cultural and creative business development, opening up “seven value-added services” for enterprises in the park, among which the investment and financing service is valued most by dobe. dobe establishes a platform for communication between enterprises and financial organization through regularly organizing a salon of investment and financing, and makes an angel investment on the potential cultural and creative enterprise, reaching development together with enterprises.


    as the only professional portal website in the industry, china printing material is dedicated to integrating resources in the industry of printing materials, and establishes an e-commerce platform integrating massive industry real-time casermation, product casermation publication and trading, corporate image display, recruitment of professionals, trade show planning and industry techniques forum communication. through connecting printing material manufacturers and distributors at the top and factories and newspaper offices for printing in the middle with those with printing demands and advertisers at the bottom in series, the website forms a new industry chain and establishes a one-stop channel for buying and selling related to printing material industry, greatly reducing operating costs in supply and demand of enterprise. it is foreseeable that china printing material will bring great changes for traditional printing industry.


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