dobe has been invited to innovation trends summit for city of design of 2016-ag8网址

dobe has been invited to innovation trends summit for city of design of 2016


the city of design of 2016 - recommended lists of innovation has been published at shanghai exhibition center which has attracted wide attention across global cities of innovation, national innovation industry of design in august 26th. at the same time, the innovation trends summit for city of design of 2016 has been solemnly held. this activity, held by shanghai promotion center for city of design, together with partners like dobe group, wang xiaohui art center and zhongqi wanbo co., ltd., they have created a grand meeting of innovation industry.

the city of design of 2016 - recommended lists of innovation has introduced numerous excellent brand enterprises of innovation, talents and products with recommended lists gained through joint recommendation and unified evaluation. then it will also give publicity, incubation and support to them so that they can develop and thrive, which will in turn facilitate the development of shanghai city of design and center of technological innovation. this recommended lists can be divided into eight areas, including original costume, original ornaments, furniture design, smart technology, home fashion, folk arts and crafts, floriculture and horticulture and creative space. over 80 recommended innovation leading figures including innovation experts, fashion insiders, professional buyers and chief editors of media have introduced about 200 innovation brands. through five-month recommendation and evaluation with the review of a panel of 8 international experts, 80 design brands and products have made it to the recommended lists of the year.

timothy jacob jensen, famous european industrial designer and designing strategist, xiaohui, famous artist, ms. susan jenkyn jones, academic director of conde nast center of fashion & design and fashion designer, dickson yewn, famous contemporary chinese master of jewelry design and the founder of yewn, a jewelry design brand and jia bo, president of dobe group have attended this award ceremony.

in his speech, jia bo, president of dobe group said, "as a leading service provider specialized in the development of cultural and technological innovation industry, dobe has innovation bases integrated with fashion, technology and design in florence of italy and silicon valley of the united states which aim at providing enterprises at home and abroad with a platform for them to exchange ideas and develop as well as to promote the globalization of design enterprises in shanghai." in the future, dobe will gradually establish innovation bases of design in regions like london of britain, paris of france, tel aviv of israel to create a smart circle which are suitable for the creative development of cultural and technological innovation enterprises and hence become the embassy for design enterprises in shanghai.


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