cross-industrial activities of modernism have been carried out in the dobe we international hub@bund


dobe group has been working with american businessman and writer trevor owens and australian artist jared peter williamson to hold a series of new cross-industrial activities of modernism in the dobe we international hub@bund in august 26th: the thematic presentation of entrepreneurship mixed with the artistic exhibition of dust to dust has brought a cross-cultural and cross-industrial brain storm for audience attended the event.


these activities belong to a series of dobe we talk activities as well as activities for we community which was hosted by dobe group, co-hosted by shanghai city of design week and sponsored by companies like reca science, technology and culture (shenzhen) co.,ltd., 1st gongshe, fresh fresh commercial and trade (shanghai) co.,ltd., attracting enterprise representatives like senab, meridi and master tailor to come to visit.

trevor owens, american businessman, writer of best seller and ceo and founder of javelin, member of wework has analyzed a creative management method of enterprises in great detail entitled excellence in business startup: finding commercial potential in every second through his own experiences in business startup for all audience. he believes that enterprises at their early stage should apply a different mode of management from that of mature enterprises. and he has also summarized the principle of three steps for enterprises to find the right direction of development: firstly, they should look for potential customers based on their client needs as the priority; secondly, they should conduct an in-depth analysis over the primary conflicts and problems of their customers so as to solve them with pertinence; thirdly, they should find the most effective way and method to clarify the orientation of their business startup.


famous australian artist jared peter williamson has also introduced his series of work the dust to dust to the public. it has been inspired by shanghai shikumen relics currently being refurbished at the riverside of suzhou. since williamson has stayed at the riverside of suzhou for a while, the color and hue in his artistic creation are made of different bricks and rubble found in the ruins of shikumen of old shanghai. williamson intends to discuss cultural construction, cultural revision and cultural destruction in his work which has been created through the organic combination of symbolic signs. it's imperative to figure out the profound meaning of these signs to understand his work.


this modern art event has gathered together professional experts and brought a grand feast of knowledge and cultural in business startup and art fields for enterprises in the circle and white-collar works.

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