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dobe group has become a member of shanghai association of modern service industries


shanghai association of modern service industries has held the certificate and license issuing ceremony for new member units in august 29th which marks that dobe group has officially become a member of shanghai association of modern service industries.

zhou yupeng, president of shanghai association of modern service industries and vice president zhao xiaoding, zhou weimin, chen zhenhong, chao weilin and other leaders have all participated in the event. president zhou yupeng and other leaders attended the meeting have also issued certificate and licenses for 83 new member units in the conference, including intellectual property association of china (shanghai) pilot free trade zone, shanghai zhangjiang hi-tech park development co., ltd., saic motor corporation limited and citibank (china) co., ltd. representatives of new member enterprises have been invited to the conference, including wang hui. general manager of china international intellectech corporation (ciic), yang yunfeng, general manager of shanghai xiyue investment development co., ltd., zhu yingjia, marketing manager of saic-gmac, xu chuzheng, secretary general of, jia bo, president of dobe group.

in his speech in the conference, president zhou yupeng has focused on introducing meaning of the three service functions of the association, i.e. becoming a good aid to the government; the home to associations of service industries, social organizations and various enterprises and playing full its role of public platform for the development of service industries. he pointed out that member units of the association comes from various industrial associations, social organizations and enterprises across all service industries of shanghai, thus they have diversified supply and demand. it's the association's goal to help its member units to upgrade their ability to allocate resource and realize cross-industrial integration and development through exchanges and cooperation. the association attracts many backbone power to join in it every year, which plays a significant role in promotion the development of modern service industries in shanghai and at the same time beneficial for shanghai to build a technological innovation center with global influence.

as a leading service provider in china which specializes in the development of cultural and technological innovation industries, dobe group will continue to play its leading advantages in the industry to build the smart circle, construct a high-quality community for enterprises and promote the connectivity and communication between different enterprises, between enterprise and humans and between different humans, thus further strengthening the development of modern service industry in shanghai.


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