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dobe we inauguration party lights up “we for love” with entrepreneurial partners


on may 27, to celebrate the officially public inauguration of dobe we international hub @ jing’an and dobe we international hub @ bund, as well as the first anniversary of the establishment of brand we, dobe we international hub @ bund held a grand inauguration. we and its entrepreneurial partners had a joyous gathering to celebrate the moment together.


we, a hybrid of chinese and western & a world of joint ventures

on may 27, 2015, the “international, pioneering and loving” dobe brand “we” was officially launched. the brand “we” is not just an office brand, but a new work integrating architectural design, art culture and service resources, etc. in a year, we made friends with many entrepreneurial partners: the world-famous residential kitchen equipment and food service equipment supplier franke from sweden, the originator of global coworking spaces wework, the famous danish furniture designer brand hey, the world’s largest buyer e-commerce website farfetch, the top-class italian luxury fashion boutique luisa via roma, and the high-end menswear custom tailoring brand master tailor, etc.


we represents west and east. moreover, it stands for the co-creation from both western and eastern the opening of the inauguration, famous kunqu opera singers and italian opera singers performed a work integrating chinese and western elements. on the stage, european style bel canto and traditional chinese opera were blended perfectly. the wonderful combination of the two distinctive music arts brought everyone into the world of we in no time.


performance of kun opera 


performance of italian opera


“we for love” light up, we inaugurated formally

 dobe group’s board chairman jia bo made an opening address for the event, to thank all the partners who worked hard to present “we”. during the inauguration, huangpu district commission of commerce’s director zhang jie, central hotel shanghai’s board chairman zhang jifu, franke asia’s regional marketing managers tyler tao and charlotte fivez, senab shanghai’s general manager eric lu, master tailor’s director of operations huang haiqun, funwork’s director of investment and operations cui fuhua, mucci’s founder jin yingli, jinsong’s co-founders chen shuo and gao yan, g-star china and korea’s regional general manager rachel jiang and other entrepreneurial partners of we light up “we for love” with dobe group’s board chairman jia bo.


“we for love” is the slogan of we, the core values of we, the future aim of we and the core of its service. we for love, all for love.


opening speech given by the chairman of dobe group mr. jia bo




park enterprises join hands, present wonderful performances

on the day of the inauguration, the park’s enterprise master tailor joined hands with mucci and presented a distinctive fashion show in the park’s atrium corridor. master tailor is a high-class menswear custom tailoring brand that has “full-custom” and “semi-custom” business suits as core products.  mucci is a women’s dress brand, which uses the art of heraldry to magnify the beauty of chinese culture on modern fashion elements. the collision of high-class custom menswear and women’s dresses full of modern fashion elements ignited sparks of a different type.


 in addition, some enterprises in dobe we international hub @ bund, such as the funwork, master tailor, franke and senab, respectively arranged different theme parties. funwork even invited popular musicians to perform jazz music. by report, the park’s enterprises mucci and jinsong also will hold grand inauguration parties in the park recently.

                                       174070368545239476.png 624147259724621475.png


now, “we” has been presented formally. in the future, we will continue to explore the future forms of office work with its entrepreneurial partners.


we for love, all for love.

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