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the 1st shanghai-hangzhou vc community networking conference held in shanghai, a connector built by an alliance of all sides for entrepreneurs in yangtze river delta


on april 8, the 1st shanghai-hangzhou vc community networking conference cosponsored by dobe e-manor of dongxi in hangzhou, dobe way and was held in dobe e-manor of daning in shanghai. wang jian, undersecretary of the cpc publicity department and director of the office of cultural and creative industries of jianggan district, dobe group’s board chairman jia bo, famous investors in yangtze river delta, as well as nearly 200 outstanding entrepreneurs from shanghai, hangzhou and other cities attended the conference.


by report, so far, shanghai has more than 450 incubation institutions, including transitional incubators, nurseries, accelerators, university science parks, maker spaces, etc. but in hangzhou, jiangsu, nanjing, the national boom in “entrepreneurship and innovation” is also fermenting. more and more entrepreneurs have made yangtze river delta their main field to start businesses. local governments in this region have introduced different policies to support entrepreneurs. investors also have focused their eyes on this region as a result.


a connector built for entrepreneurs in yangtze river delta links shanghai and hangzhou first

at the conference, government officials, investors and entrepreneurs, including undersecretary of the cpc publicity department and director of the office of cultural and creative industries of jianggan district, wang jian, one of the top 10 angel investors in hangzhou, wu zongfang from y.z. capital, cas star’s partner dai jin, xu chunchu from unifound in hangzhou, ilex-yc’s partner chen haifeng from changzhou, analyzed the entrepreneurial environment in jiangsu, zhejiang and shanghai, deeply dissected the outstanding entrepreneurial atmosphere in hangzhou.


projects from shanghai and hangzhou competed on the same stage. venture projects in the road show corner covered the latest mobile internet field in china. there were enterprises in dobe e-manor of dongxi in hangzhou—the community convenient service platform, which integrates online and offline sales, the consumer goods dealer kelti, which operates by direct selling, e-commerce and selling on commission, as well as the web celebrity incubation platform “ontological concept” and the internet farm vertical platform ala ranch, etc. famous investors from shanghai and hangzhou made wonderful comments on these projects one by one.


shanghai city of design has accumulated rich resources and experience in terms of entrepreneurial service and support. as an emerging city of ventures in china, hangzhou has more than 300 institutional investors, which invested in more than 600 venture projects in total last year. a large group of outstanding cultural and creative, sci-tech innovation enterprises have sprung up. the collision between the two venture cities this time is the first trial of the yangtze river delta entrepreneurial connector. it will be the first step of shanghai and hangzhou to linking up their common entrepreneurial dimension and creating the yangtze river delta entrepreneurial connector.


dobe, born to serve entrepreneurs

dobe plays a leading role in developing china’s cultural and creative industries, and its first event in hangzhou——dobe e-manor of dongxi has been completed. built above the metro station at hangzhou east railway station, it can fully link up the entrepreneurial resources in shanghai and hangzhou, realizing a rhythm of work by shuttling between shanghai and hangzhou. based on its own advantages, centered on the industry chain, the park devotes itself to creating an international micro city of internet innovation that integrates “innovative enterprises”, “industry incubation”, “living and recreational facilities and experience” into one, providing entrepreneurs with all-round services.


in this event, dobe united the forces from 4 sides, the government, service providers in cultural and creative industries, investors and entrepreneurs, built a platform for exchanges and collisions, integrated and transformed regional resources and forces, and radiated to the entire yangtze river delta, aiming to build a win-win entrepreneurial platform in yangtze river delta and serve entrepreneurs. 



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