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dobe sports loft won “shanghai civilized post of able women”


      recently, the “assembly of shanghai women of all circles in celebration of the 106th international working women's day” was held grandly. at the assembly, the service team of dobe sports loft’s service center for cultural and creative enterprises was awarded the honorable title “shanghai civilized post of able women”.


      “shanghai civilized post of able women” is jointed issued by shanghai steering group for the promotion of women’s achievements and shanghai women’s federation. the activity aims to encourage the whole city’s  working women and female work teams to do their jobs well, compete for excellence, keep improving their professional civilization and service quality, be intelligent women, create a good life and construct a beautiful shanghai.


      the service team of dobe sports loft’s service center for cultural and creative enterprises is mainly composed of women. in the “customer satisfaction poll”, dobe sports loft has been in the lead all the time. while making sure the park’s operation targets are achieved, they also give consideration to service attitude optimization, to effectively balance performance with service quality. organized and planned by the service team, the park has carried out various activities: sports meetings, reading exchanges, originality markets, ceo club, water molecule public foundation’s loving itinerant exhibition, etc. they have enriched the park’s white-collar workers’ life in spare time, provided the park’s enterprises with high-quality, high-standard services.


      the construction of “civilized post of able women” is an important criterion to measure a company’s achievements in material civilization, spiritual civilization and political civilization construction. it’s reported that winning units of “shanghai civilized post of able women in 2015” also include the political department of changning district people's court, the community party construction service center of tilanqiao subdistrict, hongkou district, xuhui district library and other public institutions. dobe sports loft’s service team defeated candidates and won the title depending on its advanced equipment, colorful activities, quality services and efficient management. 


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