minhang district’s deputy chief wu bin and his party visit dobe e-ag8网址

minhang district’s deputy chief wu bin and his party visit dobe e-manor of qibao


      on jan. 26, deputy chief wu bin of minhang district of shanghai and his party visited dobe e-manor of qibao to investigate the park’s industrial development.


      during the visit, mr. wu commented that the park’s landscape architecture of chinese style, 3d design of containers, climbing walls, basketball courts and other creative elements were of originality. the park’s person in charge introduced the park’s industrial orientation and current situation in detail. dobe e-manor of qibao is an upgraded product of e-manor 3.0. it’s equipped with innovations and comprehensively upgraded in aspects like industrial structure, ecological design and support facilities, etc. in nov. 2015, the park was awarded the shingle under the name “training base for internet visual communication and young directors”, to provide sustained support for young directors’ dreams. meanwhile, the park has built a learning and exchange platform for entrepreneurs, to provide services with more specific objectives.


      mr. wu commended the park’s industrial orientation, characterisitc innovation, and offered new ideas for the park’s industrial development. he said: “dobe provides cultural, creative, sci-tech and innovation-oriented enterprises with practical help and services, making enterprises able to develop fast in the incubation environment created by dobe. in future, dobe can lay a firm foundation for more upgrades in minhang district’s cultural, creative, sci-tech and innovation-oriented industries, and support these industries’ regional development.”


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