“let chinese ink art embrace the world” achievement sharing conference held at we international hub @ the bund-ag8网址

“let chinese ink art embrace the world” achievement sharing conference held at we international hub @ the bund


      on nov. 9, the 1st “let chinese ink art embrace the world” expo milano 2015 art exhibition achievement sharing conference and press conference were held at we international hub @ the bund.


      the event specially invited exhibitor of the exhibition and member of shanghai calligraphers association dong zhilin to deliver the opening address: “the cultural differences between china and western countries have made chinese ink painting and calligraphy popular. but foreign people’s understanding of chinese art forms is still not deep enough. the influence of chinese culture will continue to expand. we should introduce chinese ink art to the world and let the world know chinese traditional arts.” the event shared and reported the results of art exchanges between china and other countries during the expo milano. at the expo, 25 ink art works by 11 chinese and foreign ink artists were exhibited in 3 units, namely inheritance, fusion and innovation. they displayed the historical outline of chinese ink art inheritance and evolution, as well as the rich social context changes since the 20th century.


      we interntional hub @ the bund is located at the old site of shanghai chinese merchants stock exchange. the building already has a history of 84 years. together with other buidings and relics in the bund, it has witnessed the change of times. echoing the spirit of inheritance, fusion and innovation of this sino-foreign art exchange, it forms a broader platform for carrying forward and inheriting traditional chinese arts, cross- border art fusion and exchange. 


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