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dobe attends green-crep4 on invitation


      on nov. 19, green-crep4 was held successfully. dobe group’s vice president chen hong attended the summit on invitation, and took part in the discussion under the theme “protect history, create the future, keep the root and soul of a city”.


      green-crep4 was sponsored by linver insights, with special support from aia shanghai chapter. directed at the topic “new commerce leads new energy for cities”, the summit discussed commercial project early structure remodeling, building regeneration and space renovation. it gathered 200 participants, including commercial real estate developers, vice presidents of real estate groups, decision-making members of design management departments and project management departments, chief designers and creators of famous architectural design agencies, suppliers of advanced products and solutions at the front line. 


      ceo of urban regeneration r&d foundation mr. ding zhicheng, director of shanghai institute of china academy of urban planning & design mr. zheng degao, executive director of shanghai institute of industry transformation and development mr. zhou gang, dobe group’s vice president chen hong, and former head of historical landscape protection section of shanghai administration of planning, land and resources ms. wang lin had a heated discussion around the topic “protect history, create the future, keep the root and soul of a city”. chen hong discussed how to protect a city’s root and soul from a practical perspective: “in development, every creative park should work harder to protect and explore the potential value. dobe has tried a lot to inject new energy into buildings. a park with the value of old buildings has entirely different lasting attractions and product forces.” 


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