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dobe enters hangzhou to create an international micro city of internet innovation


    on nov. 22, dobe group held a press conference. at the press conference, dobe announced dobe e-manor of east brook was officially started, and signed a cooperation agreement with boeri studio, to introduce the “vertical forest” element into the park. entrepreneurial communities and enterprises in hangzhou were invited to witness the occasion.


    dobe e-manor of east brook is located at the junction of dongning road and xintang road in jianggan district, hangzhou, in the business district of hangzhou east railway station. the project’s orientation is an international micro city of internet innovation in hangzhou. it’s the first cultural and creative industrial park of dobe in hangzhou. the project is planned to have 3 parts: an innovative enterprise base, an industry incubator, an experience area for living and leisure facilities. the multifunctional park with commercial, office, cultural, recreational and residential functions (high-end boutique hotels) will attract nationwide and worldwide enterprises engaged in the internet, cultural & creative industries and sci-tech innovation through all-round facilities, international customized services, industrial structure upgrading. according to relevant government leaders, the joining of dobe e-manor of east brook will make the new east station business district present features of cultural, creative and sci-tech industries different from other business districts. 


    this also agrees with the “new paradise for innovation and entrepreneurship” action that hangzhou launched lately. according to the action plan, hangzhou will set up 500 all kinds of carriers of innovation and entrepreneurship like incubators, maker spaces, small startup bases, innovation parks. as a service supplier for cultural and creative industries, dobe says it will respond to the requirements of hangzhou “new paradise for innovation and entrepreneurship” action, use its advantages, center on industry chain, and try hard to make dobe e-manor of east brook into an outstanding new creative industrial park in hangzhou.


    according to the project’s general manager qiu ling’s introduction at the press conference, dobe e-manor of east brook is a new upgraded dobe e-manor product of version 3.0. it not only will provide hangzhou entrepreneurs with a more beautiful office environment, but also will establish a strategic partnership with office brand founder town, join hands with workface, fund-zone, and other entrepreneurial salons, to provide enterprises in different development stages with all-round services, and build an entrepreneurial platform network in the park.


dobe group’s vice president chen hong signed an official project cooperation agreement with boeri studio at the press conference. the park’s main landscaping will be designed by mr. boeri, a famous italian architect and the chief conceptual planner of expo milano 2015. vertical forest also will be added to the public landscape in e-manor of east brook as an important design element.


    according to boeri, vertical forest is a new mode for vertical dense forestation in cities. the aim is to create a strong system of biodiversity in modern cities to shut out the noises in cities


    in boeri’s mind, new office designs will become the prototypes of future lifestyles. on the basis of vertical forest, in the future, there will be more projects that make “nature and cities” fuse. with the expansion of such buildings, in the future, nature and cities, people and cities will fuse better, to make more harmonious living and work environments.


    in the beautiful office environment of an open design style, with such new natural and service conditions, entrepreneurs not only will create careers, but also will try a new way of starting and doing business. meanwhile, the park also will introduce the world’s most revolutionary office life, commerce and technologies. this will stimulate entrepreneurs’ entrepreneurial passion and create new office work patterns in the future.


dobe group and boeri studio signed a project cooperation agreement


e-manor of east brook general manager qiu ling introduced the project

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