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dobe group wins the title “leading enterprise of china in brand building in 2015”


    on nov. 28, the 4th china brand annual conference was grandly held in beijing. nearly 1,000 guests from all circles attended the conference. at the conference, dobe was awarded the title “leading enterprise of china in brand building in 2015”.


    guided by china international culture communication center, cosponsored by cctv finance channel, global times of people’s daily office, china national radio new media, china-arab international exchange center, china brand communication alliance, china brand annual conference has been held for 4 times so far. to carry out the “the silk road economic belt and the 21st-century maritime silk road” initiative and “chinese brands go to the world” instruction put forward by president xi jinping, the annual conference this year had “one belt and one road new economy” as theme, to give full play to the important role of brand in “one belt and one road” initiative, enhance the level of china’s brand construction and economic development, promote enterprises’ transformation and upgrading in the “internet ” age.


    this annual conference became an annual “parade” of chinese brands. new technologies, new economies and new patterns characterized by big data, “internet ” and mobile marketing are flourishing. they brought miracles of refreshing old brands and creating new brands, created new spaces for brands, and presented a group of chinese brands of international competitiveness and global reputation. at the conference, dobe group was awarded the title “leading enterprise of china in brand building in 2015”. this title is for enterprises that walk at the forefront of chinese brand construction, play the leading role, have outstanding contributions.


    since it began to invest in and run cultural and creative industrial parks in 2006, dobe has successfully run 31 cultural and creative industry clusters while serving nearly 5,000 enterprises in the parks, including,,,, er dongqiang art center. it has established its leading brand position as a service supplier for cultural, creative and technology innovation industries. in brand construction, dobe has developed “dobe e-manor brand series” that provide smes with customized services, developed and customized “dobe we brand series” with its partners. the brand product series of multiple forms provide enterprises with a service solution covering the whole development process from birth to heyday, making enterprises able to develop rapidly in the service system built by dobe. 


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