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dobe young directors program and entrepreneurial micro film contest officially starts


    on sept. 26, dobe young directors program and entrepreneurial micro film contest held its starting ceremony in shanghai exhibition center.


    the event is cosponsored by dobe group, display and service platform for shanghai multimedia industry, brand promotion sub-platform for shanghai creative industry, guided by service platform for city of design. the aim is to focus on entrepreneurial groups, gather young directors, record the age by films, to promote the regeneration of shanghai creative brands. workface founder pan jianfeng, chief inspector of shanghai promotion center for city of design ma ni, qijiki founder and director wang ting and other experts were present. on the day, the event also invited nearly 100 entrepreneurs and media to witness the starting of the contest together, voice entrepreneurs’ wishes and help young directors.


    the contest recruited nearly 100 directors through multiple platforms like the government, enterprises, media and individuals. the 20 outstanding directors selected will accept the one-month training in entrepreneurial groups, to experience the process of starting up a business in person. the young directors will experience the entrepreneurial groups’ daily work and life, and feel their pressure from planning, social contact, capital and responsibilities. the most common day to entrepreneurs will become materials for the directors to express the simple entrepreneurial ecology. at last, 3 young directors selected will start the shooting of micro films for a month. three micro films about entrepreneurs will be screened at the end of oct. at the time, the films will be judged by professional teams and the public. the winner in the end will get a free office space provided by dobe group’s e-manor of qibao.


    as a service supplier for cultural and creative industries, dobe has kept providing entrepreneurs with better platforms and services, paying attention to and understanding entrepreneurs. for this contest, dobe gathered the strength from all circles, to let those young directors enter the most real life of the entrepreneurs in dobe parks, capture entrepreneurs’ life and hidden side in starting businesses, record their entrepreneurial stories, dreams, record the real ongoing entrepreneurial tide in this age. dobe will witness the entrepreneurs’ growth with them!


at the starting ceremony, workface founder pan jianfeng delivered a speech on behalf of entrepreneurs


selected directors enter entrepreneurial teams to experience the process of starting a business in person

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